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(FIC) Training you to love (part 4/5)

Title:  Training you to love (part 4/5)
Author:  Me! ( a.k.a mjaku xD)
Beta: ...me?? C : *innocent smile*
Genre: Romance, Angst, Friendship
Pairing: Sungmin x Leeteuk
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: ...I do not own Super Junior or SHINee ^^ But I surely wouldn't mind if I did :_ D

Sungmin had learned every dance which Super Junior had had so far. But when they start to practise their new coreography for Bonamana, the male starts to get devastated with himself. What is so different in the dance steps that he can't handle it? However, he is quite lucky to have Leeteuk there to help him: But gradually, Sungmin's feelings start to grow to something more than just friendship towards Leeteuk and when the leader leaves for America, Sungmin's heart shatters to million pieces. What will happen in the future...?

  Well...This seriously was supposed to be a two chapter fic, but LOOKIE! here we are, fourth chapter, and the fifthy chapter is on it's way ^^" Sorry about the long update time, I seriously couldn't write 'cause I was visiting my aunt and laptops really don't like me  T__T So, the fifth chapter is coming a LOT faster than this one and it's gonna be the final ^^ So, enjoy my crappy grammar and the jumpiness in this one ; D

Two weeks after:

Sungmin turned the page    of the quite old photoalbum in his hands and sipped at the hot tea. Vanilla flavoured liquid burned a bit in his mouth but he didn't care. All his attention was focused to the old pictures in the book. He had to chuckle a bit to his baby-ish face in them. It was weird that it happened only five years ago when they had their full group gathered and they first debuted.
   Sungmin shivered furiously when a minuscule breeze of wind brushed his legs and he groaned. He had already put on at least three pullovers, two underpants and four woollysocks, but nothing seemed to help. He rose from the chair, attempting to fetch some blanket to warm himself, but felt how a wave of nausea hit him and he crashed to the floor.

"...shit." Sungmin said quietly to himself and tried to get rid of the nausea fogging his mind. He saw how the floor under him rocked from side to side and the insides of his stomach started to throw somersaults. The male groaned and closed his eyes.

...After a while, Sungmin finally accepted that he would not stand up without help. The brunette male lifted his gaze enough to see his mobilephone on the desk just beside the photoalbum he had been looking just a minute ago. Sungmin closed his eyes again, trying to forget the nausea and lifted his upper body enough to take the phone to his hand and dial the right number.

"Sungmin? Why the heck are you calling to me when I'm just in the next floor?
" Kyuhyun's bewildered voice asked from the other end of the line and Sungmin closed his eyes again when a wave of sickness hit him with full force.

"I...need some help..." Sungmin stammered out of his mouth and It must have been the brunette's tone which alerted Kyuhyun.

"I'll be there in a minute. Hold on."

Sungmin lied there, listening how a door was opened and closed and how hurried footsteps went up the stairs.

"Sungmin? You okay?" Kyuhyun's voice was to be heard on at the door and Sungmin turned his head slowly to the maknae's direction.

"I'm feeling like shit. Would you give me a hand?" The male said, trying to strike a joke but Kyuhyun's face went pale when he took the other's appearance.

"You really look like shit. Are you sick again?!" The maknae came to stand beside the male and helped him up. Sungmin's legs felt like they would have been made from marshmallow and he certainly felt like had been eating marshmallow for a week. Kyuhyun helped him to his bed and Sungmin shivered furiously when Kyuhyun's body temperature disappeared from beside him. The maknae pressed his hand gently against Sungmin's forehead and sighed heavily.

"You are running a fever. Is this even possible?! It is not even five days from the last time you were sick!" Kyuhyun said and went to fetch thicker blanket for his friend. Sungmin just lied there, trying to calm the shivers running on his skin.

"Here." Kyuhyun spread out the thick blanket and Sungmin snuggled under it like some cat. Kyuhyun sat to the flooor beside Sungmin's wide bed and looked at his best friend's face, worried.

"Are you hyngry? I could bring something to eat..." Kyuhyun waited for an answer, but Sungmin just lied there, his eyes empty. Kyuhyun sighed and stood up.

"I will go and make some rice..."

"...Don't go." Sungmin's strained voice stopped Kyuhyun from walking out of the room and the maknae turned around to look at Sungmin's pained face. Kyuhyun walked back and sat on the edge of the bed.

"You are not alone. You have eleven guys in the same dorm with you, so you don't have to worry about being all by yourself here." Kyuhyun laughed a bit, but Sungmin was quiet.

"...I know that I have you guys, but still I feel empty. I feel empty and lost. I don't want to feel like that...I want to live again, not walk with you and the others and feel like I would be walking with strangers..." Sungmin stammered out from his mouth and the maknae put his hand on top of the male's head reassuringly.

"Kyuhyun....I'm cold..." Sungmin sobbed from under the blankets and the maknae felt how something inside him seemed to start crying with him.

"...You will be okay."


Kyuhyun walked down the stairs to their little kitchen where Kangin, Donghae, Siwon and Yesung were playing cards. The maknae looked at their usual game where Kangin and Donghae were accusing each other from cheating, Siwon had no pokerface and Yesung didn't know how the game went. Kyuhyun cleared his throat to inform that he had entered the room. The other bandmembers turned their gaze to the maknae, whose face was expressionless. Yesung stood up first when he started to suspect something bad.

"What's wrong?" He asked with his calm voice and Kyuhyun just shook his head, trying to put words into sentences. After a while Kyuhyun managed to start speaking.

"Maybe....Maybe we should take Sungmin to some therapy..." The male started but couldn't continue his sentence, because sobs started to escape from his lips. Everybody stood up, completely alerted. Siwon and Yesung helped Kyuhyun to the nearby chair, while the others went to fetch rest of the band members. Heechul was the first one to arrive, his face shocked and hair completely messed up.

"What is it?! What's wrong with my Kyuhyunnie?" He asked and walked over to the sobbing male. "Are you okay? Has somebody hurt you?" Heechul asked and petted Kyuhyun's head reassuringly, but the maknae slapped the hand away, his face suddenly twisted from anger.


"I...I'm sorry Heechul, everything is fine, it's just...I...I need some fresh air..." Kyuhyun stormed out of the kitchen past dumbstruck Ryeowook and Shindong and almost ran through their backdoor.

The cold autumn air stinged his face and bare hands when he walked around their backyard, while he tried desperately to get himself together. He didn't notice how their backdoor was opened and closed and Heechul walked to stand beside him.

"Kyuhyun...Why are you so upset? His fever can be cured and his broken heart can be cured too, but you look like he would be dying on you..." Heechul said with calm voice and Kyuhyun lifted his sad gaze to meet Heechul's

"...It's just that....that...I...." Kyuhyun bit his lip and lowered his gaze once again. Then everything came out in one big blurt.

"From the moment I met Sungmin, I have kept him reliable, strong, kind and indomitable person. He always is the one who says reassuring words to others and helps them laugh and enjoy life.  That is why he became my first best friend in long times. He helped me to get out from my shell...but.." Kyuhyun took a shaky breath and continued: "...now when I saw him there, asking for help and saying that he is lost with himself and really needs help, I felt...horrible...and angry..." Kyuhyun glenched his hands to fists when he started to speak with strained voice. " I warned Leeteuk from this. I warned him to not lead Sungmin too deep into this, but he didn't listen to me. And here we are! Sungmin's heart is in million pieces and he can't even stay longer than two days without getting sick and needing help. From the strong person I knew he has became so vulnerable that I barely know him. It is way too difficult to be with him when I don't even know how to be with him anymore..." Kyuhyun's voice broke and he sighed tiredly. Heechul was quiet for a long time. Only the wind could be heard on the empty backyard and some leaves brushed their feet when they stood there.

"You love him."

Kyuhyun's face turned back to Heechul so fast that it was almost unreal. The maknae gaped at the shorter male for a minute before he made a huge gulp and turned his face to the other direction.

"No I don't. He is my best friend and nothing more..." Kyuhyun said, trying to sound concincing but failed miserably and Heechul surely noticed that.

"Keep thinking that and you will lose him." Heechul said quietly and Kyuhyun lifted his gaze slowly to him. Heechul's brown eyes were sad when he looked at the maknae.

"You need to be his support when he is weak, you need to be his comrade when he laughs, you need to be there when he needs you the most. And after a while, you will see the results." Heechul said and with this, he turned around and walked back to the house, leaving Kyuhyun standing there, confused.


Sungmin heard how somebody kept calling his name. It was weird how in a place where was absolutely nothing, you could hear a clear voice. Sungmin looked around in the middle of the darkness and was getting more and more confused.


"Who is it? Why are you saying my name?" Sungmin asked, getting a bit scared.

"...Don't you recognise me?"

Sungmin looked how something started to advance from the darkness. The male stiffened when the footsteps came forward, towards him and he started to take steps backwards.

"...Why are you walking away?"

This time panic really hit Sungmin when he finally could see the face of the male who had been talking to him.

"No! Go away! You aren't really there! Go away!" Sungmin said with high pitched voice and tried to run away, but those warm hands snaked their way around him, and he couldn't move.

"I am here! You can feel it, my heart, how it is beating towards you even now..." Leeteuk said with gentle voice and tightened his grip around panicking Sungmin.

"NO IT'S NOT! YOU ARE SOME STUPID GHOST-DREAMTHINGIE! STOP TORTURING ME AND GET THE HELL OUTTA MY HEAD!" Sungmin yelled with full volume and to his shock, he felt how the ground under him started to shake vigorously.

"Leeteuk-hyung, stop it! I'm scared!" Sungmin said with pleading voice but the Leeteuk-ghost from before was nowhere to be seen. The ground was still shaking and even in the dim lighting Sungmin could see how the earth under him started to crack.

"Oh no...!" He said, and tried to run away but felt how the earth disappeared from under him.

"LEETEUK!" He yelled in panic when he fell deeper and deeper under the ground...

...and to his own bed.

Sungmin's breathing was uneven and his eyes were wide openin shock. Kyuhyun's face was above him, brows mashed together in worry.

"Don't tell me that you are sick again." He said and sat on the edge of the bed. Sungmin sighed in relief when he realised that it had been Kyuhyun trying to wake him up, not the ground shaking. The male lifted his gaze back to the maknae and smiled.

"I'm not sick, you moron! It was just a bad dream and you are already writing death certificate for me." Sungmin laughed to Kyuhyun's expression.The maknae looked like he would have been hit with a shovel straight to his face. Sungmin ruffled his hair, smiling gently.

"Come on, Hyunnie, It was just a joke." Kyuhyun lifted his brown eyes to Sungmin, and his heart broken expression caught Sungmin off guard.

"But...But...I already wrote it for you...!" Kyuhyun said and Sungmin lifted his other eyebrow.

"You wrote what?"

"Your death certificate."

A silence fell to the room and Sungmin stared at Kyuhyun, his face completely shocked.


"YOU FELL FOR IT!!!" Kyuhyun yelled suddenly and Sungmin flinched. The maknae laughed like crazy to Sungmin's dumbstruck expression and stood up.

"Sweet revenge, don't you think? He grinned and Sungmin finally realised what had happened.

"That certainly was not funny...!" Sungmin hissed and marched out of the room. Kyuhyun followed soon after him.

"Come on Minnie, it was a joke! Think it as celebration about you being healthy and everything." The maknae tried to reassure Sungmin, who was ignoring him completely.

"What's wrong?" Siwon asked when Sungmin and Kyuhyun entered the kitchen. Sungmin threw a murderous glare towards Kyuhyun and opened the fridge.

"Kyuhyun decided to wake me up and start telling jokes. BAD ones." The male growled and took out a can of juice. Kyuhyun stood at the door, looking guilty and Siwon just chuckled.

"Shouldn't you Kyuhyun know the best that telling jokes right after Sungmin has woken up is a suicide wish." Siwon stood up and patted Kyuhyun's back before exiting their kitchen, leaving the two males by themselves.

"Sungmin, seriously, I'm sorry that I offended you. It was not my purpose." Kyuhyun walked over to Sungmin and embraced the brunette male from behind. Sungmin sighed. He hadn't even been actually angry at the maknae. Just a bit annoyed about the bad sense of timing.

"...Don't do it anymore. That was not funny." Sungmin said and felt how Kyuhyun's mouth splitted to a huge grin.

"I won't!" Sungmin had to smile to the other male's enthausiasm at something so simple. The brunette turned around while sipping his juice. Kyuhyun was still there, keeping his hands securely on Sungmin's hips. It wasn't anymore even weird for them to be like this. Kyuhyun was his support so he had the permission to hug him and hang around with him any place they went. But this, keeping hands on hips was the most weirdest part of it all, because Sungmin didn't feel a thing anymore.

It has been eight weeks from the day he trained me to get used to the touches on my hips...I guess it is working...

What are you thinking about? You look sad..." Kyuhyun asked and Sungmin snapped out of his thoughts. Shit, he would have to be careful while thinking about him. Sungmin flashed a bright smile at Kyuhyun and put the empty glass back to the counter behind him.

"Nah, it's nothing, just a bit drowsy." Sungmin walked out of the kitchen and Kyuhyun followed him, not happy with the answer he got.

"Well, I would be too, if I'd see a nightmare that vivid."

Sungmin turned around so fast that Kyuhyun collided with him. Both of them stubled a few steps back, but Sungmin's gaze was still at Kyuhyun.

"Were you listening?"

Kyuhyun's expression started to look REALLY guilty now.

"Umm...No, I just heard how...you rolled around in your sheets and thought about coming to wake you up." The maknae flashed a bright smile, but it didn't convince Sungmin, whose expression turned from suspicious to sad.


The maknae looked at his Hyung's hurt expression and started to feel hurt himself.

"W-What...?" Kyuhyun stuttered out of his mouth and Sungmin looked at him and sighed.

"It's not okay for you to listen when I sleep, because...I know that you would do anything for me to feel okayand happy and safe, but you can never enter my dreams. Knowing you, you just sit there, and hold my hand and prey for my nightmares to go away, but they won't. So stop. Stop before you hurt yourself." Sungmin said, his eyes pleading and turned around to go to his room. Kyuhyun just stood there, shocked. Sungmin had seen right through him, and when he looked at his distancing back, he made his choice.

"Sungmin!" The maknae finally collected himself enough to start talking. The brunette turned around to face the maknae and was surprised to see a sparkle of anger in his eyes.

"What I can do to make you forget him?! What I can do to make you see me as a man, not as your best friend?!" Kyuhyun walked over to stand in front of Sungmin and captured his shocked face between his hands. Sungmin's brain seemed to be flying somewhere far away, because he couldn't bring himself to react in any way.

"I can give you everything he can! I can be the safe giver to you, I can be the one to give you the happiness! And I would never leave! Sungmin I...I love you!"

A booming silence fell to the corridor. Sungmin just stared to those sincere eyes before him and could not find the right words. Kyuhyun was slightly panting from all the yelling he did and was still keeping Sungmin's face between his hands.

"Kyuhyun I..." Sungmin started, trying to collects his thoughts, but his attemp was stopped immediately when Kyuhyun closed the distance between their faces and pressed his lips against Sungmin's slightly dry ones.

Sungmin's was yelling inside his head and he  tried to stop Kyuhyun, but the maknae had turned very desperate in his actions. Slowly he forced Sungmin to open his mouth and carefully he slipped his tongue to explore the brunette's entrance and Sungmin started to really panic now. He pushed and ripped at the younger male to stop, but Kyuhyun had always been the more muscular one out of the two, so he didn't even budge. Tears were slipping free from under Sungmin's eyelids.


Sungmin thanked all the gods he had ever heard of when Ryeowook's clear voice came from the kitchen and the little male stepped out of the kitchen with apron on his hips. That was when Kyuhyun's concentration got sidetracked and he almost fell to the ground when Sungmin pushed him away. Ryeowook looked his mouth agape how Sungmin stared at Kyuhyun, his eyes teary and his appearance in a complete mess.

"KYUHYUN, I TOLD YOU TO STOP! WHY COULDN'T YOU..." Sungmin's voice broke and a stream of tears went down his cheeks. Kyuhyun looked at him, now realising what he had done and his face went from confused to completely shocked.

"Sungmin, I swear that..." Kyuhyun started, but he was cut midsentence by the huge wail Sungmin let out from between his lips.



"KYUHYUN. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT TIME WON'T HEAL ME ANYMORE! I'M BROKEN. I HAVE BEEN SHATTERED TO MILLION PIECES AND GLUE CAN'T HELP ME ANYMORE!" Sungmin just continued his yelling and th rest of the band members started to come and see what was going on. The only one looking calm was Ryeowook, with his blue apron. Sungmin lifted his gaze to the others and more tears soaked his cheeks.

"I have tried...*sob* I have seriously tried to heal. I have truly, honestly wanted to get better and forget him, but it....it's just that..." Sungmin tried to wipe his tears away, but it was futile: they just kept on coming. The corridor was dead silent and the only thing that was to be heard was Sungmin's sobs.

"...But...I...It hurts. It hurts more than the fact that he left. It hurts too much to throw the memories he and I made together away...I...I know that I can't heal before that...but...*sobsob* I just can't do it!" Sungmin sinked to his knees and started to wail there. Kyuhyun's face was still pure horror. Ryeowook sighed.

"Everybody go to kitchen exept Sngmin and Kyuhyun." He declared and slowly people left the corridor to the sobbing Sungmin and shocked Kyuhyun. Ryeowook looked to Kyuhyun and a smile flashed across his face.

"Well, you seemed to open some new floodgate in him with that kiss." The small male grinned to Kyuhyun's bewildered expression and walked over to Sungmin and helped him up. Sungmin sobbed furiously and Ryeowook dried his wet cheeks with his apron.

"Sungmin, I need you to listen to me." Ryeowook said quietly and Sungmin lifted his glossy eyes to him very slowly.

"You don't need to throw the memories away. Who said that you should? Keep them with you, treasure them. And when Leeteuk comes back, you don't have to start from a scratch, right?" Ryeowook smiled to Sungmin's surprised expression and ruffled his hair.

"You need to stop denying yourself. You are very dear to us ll and we hate to see you crying but we hate even more to see you keeping the tears inside you and trying to act happy. It hurts us as much as it hurts you, so let your tears out everytime you feel like it." Ryeowook said soothingly and Sungmin's brown orbs looked to him, trying to get rid of the salt water in them. Ryeowook smiled and turned his face to Kyuhyun.

"You are his closest friend, Kyuhyun-sshi. Keep that always in mind." He said and when he was entering the kitchen he seemed to remember something and turned around.

"Now,I think you and Kyuhyun have some things to discuss about, don't you?" He said nonchalantly and walked to the kitchen, leaving the two males to a booming silence. Sungmin was the first one to start talking.

"I'm so sorry about that outburst, It's just that..." Sungmin started and the new tears were already forming to his eyes when warm hand wiped from under his eye comfortingly. Sungmin lifted his gaze to Kyuhyun, who was smiling his usual gentle smile.

"Don't worry about it. I should have controlled myself better than that. Please forgive me and it would be maybe better if you'd forget about the confession too. I shall stop myself from approaching you for now." The maknae patted Sungmin's tuft of hair longingly before turning around and starting to walk towards  his room, but stopped when he felt somebody hugging him from behind.

"Kyuhyun, forgive me. You are very dear to me, but I..." Kyuhyun turned around to look a the very sad ooking male before him."...I can never offer you as much as you can offer me...I can't fall in love yet." Sungmin said and the maknae smiled.

"I knew that you would say something like that. And I want you to know that you can always come to me when you want. I'm your best friend, remember?" Kyuhyun laughed a bit and Sungmin felt how his lips started to smile with him.



Two months from Leeteuk's leave:

"one, two, three, four..." Sungmin was counting quietly to himself at the same time he tried to listen at the music. It certainly wasn't easy, but somehow, the male was succeeding in it. He liked the rhythm of the music very much, so it wasn't hard for him to enjoy the dance steps he had made. Thin layer of moisture was covering his forehead and he was slightly panting while he moved his flexible body along the music.


A gentle voice came from behind Sungmin's back and he stopped his dancing and turned around, gaping for air, but the shock hit him so hard that his breathing was cut out for a moment before he had recovered enough to start speaking again.

"....O...Onew-ah?" Sungmin finally spluttered out of his mouth and the man before him smirked.

"I guess I should have visited you a bit more often when you don't even recognize me after two months." Sungmin laughed happily and went to hug the younger male brotherly but retreated immediately.

"Sorry, you might not like the fresh smell of sweat on me..." Sungmin grinned and Onew just laughed at him.

"Nah, it's no big deal, I just got out of practise myself." Sungmin lifted his eyebrows.

"Are you practising new dance? Already?!" Sungmin looked at Onew, completely bewildered, the younger male  nodded.

"Yeah, Taemin was very busy for these two months and then he comes to us and gives the new coreography to everyone. 'Here you are, have fun in practise' and went to sleep." Onew rolled his eyes and Sungmin grinned to him. Resembled so much how  Eunhyuk did their coreographies.

"Well, if you are already working on your new dance, then that explains your new look." Sungmin looked at Onew's new hairstyle and his whole appearance. SHINee's leader seemed to have come out of his shell completely. Onew grinned again, looking a bit embarrassed.

"Key, Jonghyun and Taemin had plenty of fun when playing dress-up on me..." Sungmin bursted out laughing when Onew said this and they sat on the floor of the practise studio and talked for a long time. Sungmin hadn't talked openly like this to anyone from the last time he met Onew. It seemed like he could truly and without any restraints tell about everything and he also (even though, he was a bit uncomfortable) told about the little accident with Kyuhyun. Onew ogled at him after Sungmin had told about it. The older male got even more embarrassed when he had to tell about his outburst after Kyuhyun's big surprise.

"...Well, at least you managed to spit it out." Onew smiled reassuringly to Sungmin, who just lifted his eyebrows.

"Spit what out?"

"Spit out how you felt about everything. About Leeteuk and Kyuhyun...Everything. Didn't it feel good?" Onew asked, looking a bit confused and Sungmin looked contemplative for a minute before answering.

"It's like...It didn't lessen the burden I always carry in my heart, but it kinda...wrapped it up to a smaller space and left space to other, better things to handle..." The older male said and Onew smiled to him, his face gentle.

"Then you are just fine."

Sungmin lifted his deep brown orbs to Onew and his lips twisted to a tiny, little smile too.

"Yeah, I guess so..." He said halfheartedly and felt a sting in his chest.


Talking with Onew had reallymade Sungmin's day. When he switched off the lights from the studio and walked out to the chilly winter air, his little smile still lingered on his face.

"...I wonder should I buy something good from the nearby grocery store...?" He thought silently and almost jumped out of his skin when he heard somebody answering him.

"Yeah you should! You won't feel as guilty about buying sweets when you have just left from practise. And buy some strawberry chocolate for Kyuhyun" Sungmin turned around, laughing a bit  and wasn't surprised to see Kyuhyun standing there, a smile plastered across his face. Sungmin smiled to his expression.

"You thought that I wouldn't find my way out of the studio and came to escort me to our dorm?" Sungmin said and started to walk forward flanked by Kyuhyun who just shrugged nonchalantly.

"Nah, I was just taking a walk nearby here, so I decided to come and look if you were still at the studio." Sungmin chuckled to Kyuhyun's lame excuse.

"Well, now that you are here, you can come with me to the store and choose the chocolate all by yourself." The older male said and the maknae just rolled his eyes.

"Yes sir..."

They made their way to the nearby super market and Sungmin had to wait for almost fifteen minutes for the younger male to choose the sweets he wanted to have. Then they payed and walked out to the cold air, Kyuhyun extremely satisfied with the chocolate bar (Strawberry-Liquorice) he had bought. They walked along one of the huge streets in the heart of the city, looking how hundreds of busy people tried to make their way home in the dark evening. Sungmin lifted his eyes to look at the dark sky and sighed.

"Listen Kyuhyun..."

The maknae looked at the older male, his face confused.

"What? The traffic in Seoul?" He asked and Sungmin chuckled gently.

"Everything. The traffic, the voices of the people, the big music they form in here....I wonder..." Kyuhyun looked at how Sungmin's face turned from happy to depressed in mere seconds. "...does it sound the same no matter where you are?" He said and turned his distressed eyes to Kyuhyun who knew exactly what Sungmin was talking about.

"Sungmin, I know that his heart will always stay in korea, here with us. Don't think that..."

Suddenly, something changed in the stable flood of voices. There was panicked screaming and sound how many cars braked at the same time. Kyuhyun and Sungmin searched the source of that commotion like the people around them. Kyuhyun was the first one to get alerted.

"Sungmin, we need to move. there is something coming from there and I don't think it's..."

"Kyuhyun! Look, there is some car coming down that road." Sungmin said, his voice confused and the warning bells were strating to sing hosanna in Kyuhyun's head and the ring of that sound was getting stronger and stronger every passing second when Sungmin just stood there and watched how that car just came down the big downhill, swinging from side to side completely out of control. People around them strated to scream furiously when the car was getting closer and closer, and straight towards them. Kyuhyun was now getting completely panicked when Sungmin showed no motion to move out of the way.

"SUNGMIN! WAKE UP FROM THAT TRANCE OF YOURS AND MOVE YOUR ASS! WE NEED TO GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!" The maknae barely cussed, but now his anxiety was doing the thinking here. He looked how Sungmin still just stood there.

"SUNGMIN! WHAT ARE YOU...?!" Kyuhyun started but was cut midsentence when Sungmin turned around, a weird glint in his eyes. The maknae's anxiety turned to horror, when Sungmin smiled to him.

"Kyuhyun, this battle is not yours to fight."

...and pushed Kyuhyun out of the car's way.


Kyuhyun saw it all. Kyuhyun saw how Sungmin's smile was still there when the car hit him. How he disappeared under it and the people around the maknae screamed in horror when they saw Sungmin's body lying on the ground.

Kyuhyun could not move a muscle.

"Call an ambulance!"

When the people started to say this again and again, Kyuhyun's brain didn't even register what he was doing. He just took his phone and dialed the right number. It tweeted couple of times before a familiar voice answered to it.


"An accident."

"Kyuhyun-ah? Is that you?"

"Sungmin has been in an accident."

"...Kyuhyun-ah, This is not funny."

"He is dying."

After this was a moment of silence before the line went dead.

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  • Yo,

    I just wanted to say that I'm on a temporary hiatus due to my finals starting next week, and i have been reading for the past month and half and…

  • Continued rant about the long (and also deleted) rant before

    So, I deleted the long post from before. i think it closed one page of my life, as things didn't work out. Mister S said that this time he's…

  • moooovingg

    Hi ya'll pipsqueaks, I'm moving over to asianfanfics.com. I have no idea how the site works. heh. But from now on I'll most likely be…