October 11th, 2010

Hangeng, Hankyung

(FIC) Training you to love (part 3/?)

Title:  Training you to love (part 3/?)
Author:  Me! ( a.k.a mjaku xD)
Beta: ...me?? C : *innocent smile*
Pairing: Sungmin x Leeteuk
Rating: R
Disclaimer: *sigh* they are not mine

Sungmin had learned every dance which Super Junior had had so far. But when they start to practise their new coreography for Bonamana, the male starts to get devastated with himself. What is so different in the dance steps that he can't handle it? However, he is quite lucky to have some very good friends to give him a hand.

  It's VERY interesting how many meanings the verb 'come' holds xD Think about the first two sentences while paying attention to the 'come' there.

You don't even believe how much I laughed with fugune :___ DD

Well, anyway, enjoy ^^


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