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(FIC) Training you to love (part 3/?)

Title:  Training you to love (part 3/?)
Author:  Me! ( a.k.a mjaku xD)
Beta: ...me?? C : *innocent smile*
Pairing: Sungmin x Leeteuk
Rating: R
Disclaimer: *sigh* they are not mine

Sungmin had learned every dance which Super Junior had had so far. But when they start to practise their new coreography for Bonamana, the male starts to get devastated with himself. What is so different in the dance steps that he can't handle it? However, he is quite lucky to have some very good friends to give him a hand.

  It's VERY interesting how many meanings the verb 'come' holds xD Think about the first two sentences while paying attention to the 'come' there.

You don't even believe how much I laughed with fugune :___ DD

Well, anyway, enjoy ^^


"Sungmin? Are you coming?" Kyuhyun's voice was to be heard at the other side of the door and Sungmin took his wallet and coat from the  coat rack.

"I'm on my way..."

Sungmin had slept awfully the past night and it could be seen on his face. He had huge, black circles under his eyes and it felt like to him that his shoulders would have been full of little stones. Well, his face would be full of concealer the whole day, so who cares.

Sungmin walked out from his room and closed the door. Kyuhyun was waiting there, his expression shocked when he saw the condition Sungmin was in.

"Umm...Did you sleep at all last night...?" He asked carefully, earning a murderous gaze from the small male.

"An hour."

"Oh. Wonderful."

Donghae was sitting in the staircase, yawning enourmous yawns and leaning to Eunhyuk, who looked like some street bum. Shindong came out of his room and cleaned his pair of glasses. Hankyung's toothbrush sticked out from the corner of his mouth while he tried to tie Heechul's hair with a thin rubberband on a ponytail. Heechul looked like living corpse. When Hankyung pulled his hair a bit too harshly, Heechul hissed like some anry cat and slapped Hankyung's hand roughly.

"OW! That hurt!" He snapped at the chinese male, who obviously wasn't in any better mood.

"Oh, I'm sorry, If you have a problem with it, go and put it yourself!" Hankyung grumpled angrily, which made Heechul turn around and snatch the hairbrush from the chinese male.

"Oh yeah, I WILL!" Heechul stomped out from the hall and there was a huge BANG-sound was to be heard from the distance when he closed the door to their bedroom. Ryeowook came from the kitchen and looked to Hankyung.

"You know, we don't need any more fights in this house. It would be great that we can be in good terms when Leeteuk leaves." Wookie's gaze wandered to Sungmin who just stood there, his face expressionless. "This is also meant to you, Minnie."

Sungmin averted the smaller male's gaze and walked past him to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Ryeowook followed him, his face worried. Sungmin just started to search the cabinets for some bread, but Wookie's next words stopped him.

"Sungmin, please. You need to understand that if you are in bad terms when he has left to america, you will hurt each other in the progress.. So, before he leaves, you should try and talk with him." Sungmin stood there for a while, trying to find the words, but failed miserably. The silence lasted for a long time until Ryeowook walked to Sungmin and wrapped his arms around him in soothing manner.

"You will be okay. It hurts at first, but the scars will get  better." The young male said reassuringly and Sungmin had to gulp furiously, so that the tears would not have leaked over.

"It's not so simple. Even if I'd go and make truce with him, it's the same if i'd  put some random cloth on my bleeding wound: it won't help, only the cloth will get stained..." Sungmin said with a strangled voice and Ryeowook's hands made soothing circles to his back.

"...But in time, the bleeding will stop. And the cloth won't let it get inflamed." Ryeowook said and patted the taller male's  back before exiting the kitchen. Sungmin's hand was still gripping the breadsatched, like it would have been his lifering. It took all his willpower to keep the tears hidden.

"I guess I have to talk to him then..."


The drive to the filming place was like they would have been driving to somebody's funeral. The three and half hours of being in the car was complete silent and the mood was so heavy that it could have been put to jam jars and restored to  cellar. Hankyung and Heechul weren't sitting side by side like normally, but they were on the different sides of the bench, faces tuirned to different directions.

Leeteuk wasn't with them, because he had to leave two hours earlier, so that he could arrange his flights correctly. Some representative from SM had came to the house to fetch the leader. Kangin had woken up early and had seen how they left.

"We are a bit early." Yesung said when they exited the car, trying to strike up conversation. Ryeowook was the only one who got the hint and soon, Yesung and Wookie were encrossed in their own world.

"We should go and warm up before they start to put makeup on us." Eunhyuk said tiredly and started to lead the members in to a huge hall in the middle of nowhere. Sungmin looked around curiously when they walked across the enormous hall and noticed a few of the workers putting on lamps and cameras to right directions. Siwon went to talk to some of them and Sungmin decided to stay and wait for him while the others continued their walk towards the dressingrooms.

Soon Siwon came back, his expression excited:

"Apparently we have our filming at the same time as SHINee has theirs! Have you met them?" Siwon asked from Sungmin, who shook his head in confusement.

"I have heard of them, but not met them..." Sungmin said quietly, but was silenced when Siwon grabbed his hand and started to drag him somewhere.

"You need to meet them! They are also in SM. You didn't know?" Siwon asked while wandering around the assistants, make-up artists, hair dressers and cameramen. Sungmin started to get annoyed with the male. Siwon was normally the one, who would be dragged to everywhere, but now (apparently) Sungmin had changed places with the male.

"Hyung??" A quiet voice was to be heard somewhere and Siwon stopped so fast, that Sungmin collided with his back. The younger male massaged his abused nose and looked at the male who had walked to stand in front of Siwon.

"Oh shit, is it really Siwon-hyung?!" The male  asked, his tone incredulous. Siwon laughed warmly and patted the short male's back.

"Well, it's nice to see you too in a while, Jonghyun." Sungmin looked at the men curiously. What was with this...weird athmosphere?

"And who is this with you, hyung?" The male named  Jonghyun asked curiously and Sungmin smiled to him warmly.

"I'm Sungmin, nice to meet you." Sungmin said and shook hands with the male. Jonghyun smirked.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you too, I'm Jonghyun. From SHINee. You know." He made some weird move with his hand as to say Moving On With The Subject. He turned his gaze back to Siwon and they started to talk excitedly to each other like some giddy schoolgirls. Sungmin decided that it was his time to leave. He turned around and started to walk towards the direction where they had been coming from...

...and the more he walked the more he realised that he was completely lost. He turned around quickly thinking about going back to the two males, but to his horror, they had disappeared somewhere among the cameras and scenery. Sungmin scratched the back of his neck and sighed.

"Crap, I'm such a moron to not look where I am going...And kiss my ass Siwon for taking me some goddamn hellhole..." He muttered to himself and looked around for some kind of living creature. Of course all the human beings had to disappear right on this moment when he needed them the most. The male kicked angrily at some box on the floor and as to increase the weight of his burdens, the box wasn't a box, but some rock-hard block of blaster. Sungmin felt like his toe would have been chopped off.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!" He howled in the middle of the empty corridor and finally sat on the cold floor to examine the damages he had caused to himself. Sungmin winced in pain, when he removed his shoe and looked at his big toe, which was starting to bruise very fast. The male groaned and inspected his toe more closely and came to realise, that if their music video shooting would containg parts where he's have to be bare footed, he was going to need makeup. LOTS of makeup.

"You okay?"

Sungmin almost jumped out of his skin when there was suddenly a gentle voice coming from behind him. He stood up in mere seconds and turned around to look at a very good-looking male in front of him...

"OW SHIT! OH MY GOOOOOD! OW! OW! OW!!" Sungmin started to jump around with one leg and cursed furiously. His bruising toe had accidentally collided with the floor and sent waves of pure PAIN through his whole body. Sungmin leaned to the nearest wall heavily and tried to make himself calm down.

"Your toe is broken you know." The male was still standing there and walked over to Sungmin, who just looked at the young male with a dumbstruck expression. Then he woke up from his daze and cleared his throat.

"I could almost tell that by the pain..." Sungmin said with sarcastic tone and let the male help him walk forward.

"Our dressing room is close by, so we can go and wrap your toe in there." These words snapped Sungmin's head in to the male's direction. Their dressing room...?

"Umm...Are you part of SHINee?" Sungmin asked shyly and the handsome man chuckled.

"Yeah. I guess we haven't been in contact with Super Junior so it's no wonder you don't recognise me. I'm Onew. I am the leader. Nice to meet you." He said and Sungmin had to smile a bit. Onew seemed so calm and stable, but it was kinda cute how he got so embarrassed when introducing himself as the leader.

"Yeah, nice to meet you, I'm Sungmin."

"I know." Onew said with a smile and stopped in front of a door which had a sign 'SHINee' in it. Sungmin limped inside and sat on the nearest chair.

"It's kinda awkward that you knew me and I had no idea who you were, even though we are in the same recording company..." Sungmin muttered under his breath scratching his breath and Onew's laugh was to be heard from somewhere further in the dressing room.

"It's okay, like I said, we aren't so much in contact with you guys. And I know you only because I have seen you may times at the dancing studio." Onew appeared again from somewhere with bandages and kneeled down to inspect the swollen toe. Sungmin tried to distract his thoughts from the matter at hand and continued their conversation.

"Oh, then you must have seen me when I was practising Bonamana, if you saw me alone."

"Ah, Leeteuk-hyung was with you too."

Sungmin's partially reconstructed control started to crumble again when the name of the person he wanted the least to think popped to his mind. The male went silent and looked quietly at the opposite wall, while the memories he had collected to the back of his mind flooded over.

"Please, stop that! You look like some crazy person!" Sungmin started to laugh and Leeteuk pointed a finger at him, still laughing and crying at the same time.

"You...LAUGHED!" Then he fell back to the floor and started to guffaw like some old drunken fella. Sungmin was now laughing with him and they just rolled around on the floor and everytime their gazes met, they started to laugh again.

This went on for almost half an hour before they could rise up and breath normally, without bursting out laughing again.

"You are unbeliavable...You have so freaky laugh that it will make even the dead laugh." Sungmin said rolling his eyes and Leeteuk smiled.

"Isn't that good then? Then I can make miracles. Miracles like teaching you to dance." Leeteuk said, still grinning.

That's weird....it seems like that happened an eternity ago, even though it was only yesterday... Sungmin said to himself, his mood getting heavier and heavier every second he thought about everything he had experienced. He didn't even notice that Onew was done with the bandage and looked at Sungmin, his face expressionless.

"Why are you crying?"

It took Sungmin a minute to register what the male before him had said. He wiped his cheeks with his fingertips and for his horror, they were wet with saltwater.

"I...sorry I just..." Sungmin's control started to seriously waver the second time that day when Onew stood up and came to sit beside him.

"You know, It is probably easier to talk about your problems to somebody you don't know so well."

Sungmin's eyes were now flooding over and he had to cover his mouth, so that the sobs would not have came out. Onew patted his back re-assuringly. Soon Sungmin was wailing with full force and Onew petted his head and back, not sure what to do in a situation like this. After a while Sungmin had recovered enough to talk.

"H..have...y-you n-never b-b-een in a-a situation l-like t-that, that y-ou j-just...w-want t-to b-be i-in good f-friendship w-with somebody, b-but y-your f-f-eelings a-are just t-too strong f-for t-that, t-that y-you can't do it w-without h-having t-to lie  a-bout e-everything....a-about why y-you wan't t-to k-keep t-that p-person close...?" Sungmin stammered out of his mouth and Onew was quiet for a long time.

"Not in a situation like that, but in a situation that resembles that..." He said quietly and Sungmin looked at him, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Y-you k-know what I-I m-mean?" He stammered out and Onew lifted his gaze to meet Sungmin's.

"What? You thought that you'd be the only one?" He smiled gently, which caused Sungmin's another burst of tears. Onew started to draw the soothing circles again to his back and sighed.

"You seem to REALLY need a shoulder to lean on."



When they had arived to the filming place, it had been half past eight in the morning. Now, at twelve o'clock, they had filmed one minute and thirty seconds  of the whole video and everybody was exhausted. It may have looked like some battlefield when you walked to the huge hall when there were corpses lying everywhere. There were no place to sit, so everybody just lied on the cold floor, completely dazed.

Sungmin was the only one sitting and thinking about their coreography. He bit his fingernail nervously, when he thought about the next part with his aching toe. When the chorus would start, they'd have to jump a HUGE jump and start to move instantaneously after they land. Sungmin remembered quite clearly, how he had to almost stop dancing when his toe collided accidentally with the floor. And it hadn't actually helped him any, when he was thinking about the conversation he had had with Onew:

"You must apologize now, when you can still see him!!" Onew said, his face horrified. Sungmin wiped his tears away and looked to the younger male, his face angry.

"It was him who started to give the insults..."

"It doesn't matter! When he leaves I don't think that you are after that thinking about how it was him who gave the insults. You were in it too."

"....I guess." Sungmin said, his tone depressed and Onew came to sit beside him once again.

"You like him don't you?"

Sungmin's head snapped to him, his cheeks litting in fire.

"N-No! He isjust my dear hyung, that's all! I don't..."

"Well, if you want to save yourself from the pain during his stay in America, go and confess at the same time." Onew said nonchalantly, which made Sungmin ogle at him like he would have told him to jump off a cliff without knowing did he have a parasuit on or not. Sungmin shook his head vigorously.

"NO! Absolutely NOT! hat if he turnd me down?! But nevermind that, whatr if e fels the same to me?! it would ruin all his plans! He'd feel devoted to stay in here and..."

"If you love each other, then you will work it out somehow. But now the problem is that are you willing to take the risk?"

"You 'kay?"

Sungmin almost shrieked in surprise when Leeteuk's voice came from behind him. The younger male stood up and turned around to face the leader, who had a waterbottle in his hand and his another hand kept a bag full of icecubes against his forehead. Sungmin turned his gaze to the another direction when he remembered that he is supposed to be angry at Leeteuk.

"You are the one to ask that holding icebag against your forehead." Sungmin said nonchalantly and Leeteuk huffed.

"Oh this? I walked to a door."

By this point all the other members had risen up to listen at their leader and a booming silence fell upon them when Leeteuk said this.

"You walked to a door." Sungmin said turning around and looking at Leeteuk, his face incredulous.


"You seriously walked towards the door."


"Goddamn moron."

"You aren't any better, kicking blocks of hard blaster you know."

"It looked like freakin' cardboard box."

"And the door was opened just when I happened to look elsewhere."

"God, It's a DOOR."

"It's a block of BLASTER."

"How did you even know about that?"

"Well who didn't when you yelled like you'd have been ripped to half. Not that toes wouldn't be important.

The other members were now following the conversation like some tennisbattle.

"Oh yeah?! You wanna try to brake your toe, huh?!"

"Oh, you wanna have some goddamn ICECUBES on your forehead?!"

"Icecubes, my ass!"

"Chill out, dude."

This was when Heechul let out a spluttered breath out from between his lips and started to laugh like some psychopath. He laughed there until he could not even stand straight and collapsed on the floor. Everybody were just staring at the trembling male on the floor who was basically crying from laughter. Then he stood up with wavering legs and went to stand in front of Hankyung, who was trying to keep his composure, but seeing Heechul standing there like some drunk, his expression softened a little. When Heechul just continued to stand there, a little smile started to linger on the chinese male's lips.

"W-what? Do I have something in my face?" Hankyung said with strangled voice and after this the two male's bursted out laughing exactly on the same time.

It was so weird. Sungmin and Leeteuk just stood there, completely out of it when the other members rolled on the floor, crying from laughter. Sungmin had to smirk a bit when he thought their conversation over and turned his face towards Leeteuk.

"Chill out dude?" He asked with completely normal tone and the leader started to chuckle.

"I just had to say it."

Sungmin started to laugh and Leeteuk followed him soon after. The older male turned his gaze to the younger and ruffled his hair.

"I'm sorry about what I said yesterday. Will you forgive me?" He asked and Sungmin looked at him, his expression turning relieved in a second.

"I will also apologize to you, I was being irreasonable and acted like a fool." Sungmin shook his head and Leeteuk smiled his gentle smile.

"Promise to keep in touch even when I'm in America?" He asked jokingly and the younger male's cheeks reddened to this.

"...O-of course I will!" Leeteuk smiled warmly and gave the icebag to Sungmin.

"I think you need this more than I do." Sungmin took the icebag eagerly and grinned to the leader.

"Icecubes, my ass!"


"Sungmin, COME ON! We are late!" Donghae yelled from downstairs and Sungmin opened his eyes groggily and looked at his clock tiredly.

"..the hell?! It's five thirty in the morning you moron!" He mumbled already half sleep and turned his head to the other direction and closed his eyes attempting to fall asleep again, but soon there was a loud bang when his door collided with the wall and Kangin marched inside.


Sungmin almost jumped out of his skin when Kangin's voice boomed just beside his ear.

"LEETEUK'S PLANE IS LEAVING AT HALF SEVEN AND YOU ARE STILL JUST LYING HERE!!" With this Sungmin almost fell to the ground when he tried to make his way out of the bed as quickly as possible.




Kangin left the room and Sungmin stopped in the middle of putting his trousers on.

He is leaving. Today.


It had taken them about four days to finish filming the musicvideo. It was now the fifth day from that, and the day, when Leeteuk would leave.

All the members practically rolled the stairs down and out of the door to a big limousine waiting outside. Shindong had fallen when running down, so everybody had gone down in one big ball full of arms and legs. When the car left their yard, everybody just sat there, panting and too tired to talk anything. When they reached the airport, everybody had woken up enough to take some of Leeteuk's luggage and hurry inside before the buses and cars would have crushed them.

They walked for a time that felt like an eternity to Sungmin and finally they reached the right gate. That's where everybody started to really show the sadness on their faces. Heechul was blinking his eyes furiously when Leeteuk started to hug them in farewell. Sungmin's brain seemed to be in automode, like he would not actually even been there. He saw everything, how Leeteuk hugged the sobbing Heechul, made a brotherly pat to Kangin, hugged gently Ryeowook and laughed to Donghae and Eunhyuk who were fooling once again, trying to lighten the mood, but the young male's feelings seemed like the had been sealed somewhere. He looked how Leeteuk came to him patting his head, smiling happily.

"You look like you would not have slept in two weeks." He said and ruffled the brown tuft of hair. Sungmin just stared.

"I did sleep. Kangin just woke me a bit...drastically." Sungmin said, trying to search for the feelings inside and getting a bit panicked when he couldn't find anything.

"You promise to keep in touch?" The leader asked, his brows mashing together in worry. Sungmin just smiled a bit and nodded in agreement.

"Sure thing."

Leeteuk  turned around to take his luggage, and he removed his hand from on top of Sungmin's head. He waved once more to everybody and patted the wailing Heechul's back reassuringly before turning around and getting through the gates.

His hands are always warm.

It felt like Sungmin's heart would have been crashed to pieces when the feelings finally came. Panic hit him when he saw Leeteuk showing his ticket to the  attendant.

"LEETEUK!" Sungmin yelled and looked how the leader just took his ticket and started to leave for the plane.

"LEETEUK! WAIT!" Sungmin started to run, but suddenly he felt pair of strong arms grabbing him from his midsection.

"Sungmin, let him go." Kyuhyun said, his voice cracking midsentence.

"KYUHYUN! LET GO! I NEED TO TELL HIM SOMETHING BEFORE HE LEAVES! LET ME GO!" Leeteuk was starting to disappear to the distance and tears of despair blurred Sungmin's vision while he struggled in Kyuhyun's grasp. Kyuhyun just kept him firmly in his hold and made soothing circles with his hand to the male's back.

"Sungmin, calm down. You need to let him go."

"No...No...." Sungmin started to sob now heart brakingly when Leeteuk finally disappeared and a woman's voice announced above them:

"Flight 2301 for America is leaving from gate six."

"I...I lost him..." Sungmin's voice trembled and he started to cry furiously.

I love you. Would you have canceled this if you would have known?

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