-Hibernator- (mjaku) wrote,

Does anyone even remember me anymore...? :_D

Hi. Remember me? the superduperlazy author who has been promising new chapter for almost half a year already and still nothing has happened?

Yeah, that's me.

I'm STILL not dead, as much you would hope so. The update is still in the same phase I left it half a year ago, and I'm still planning on to continue it. It's just a.....very delicate process. Or I have just been lazy because of school and my hobbies and stuff. Same old same old. But to your big surprise, I might've just found my motivation to start writing again. i just looked through the chapter and I need to fix a thing here and there, but I try to pull myself together and get some shit done ::)

Nobody probably even read this. Meh.
Tags: angry mouth, announcement, defiant eyes
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