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DEFIANT EYES, ANGRY MOUTH: 14. Failure in communication

Title: defiant eyes, Angry mouth
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: HanMin (Hankyung/Sungmin)
Warnings: !SMUT! Violence, Disturbing things in general
Word count: 7512
Summary: Sungmin loved the forest more than anything else. However, after he has a dangerous encounter in the forest he loves so much, and after he's forced to have this same encounter in his school, this time in the form of a human, he realizes that he has stepped inside a world he had no idea even existed

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One hour and his nerves were on the verge of exploding to small pieces.

The feeling of ants crawling up and down his skin had came back with a vengeance and he had taken up the fetal position as it had turned out to be the most sensation-free position he could find. He felt powerless as the neediness was clawing his insides and forcing him to think with his weeping cock, not with his brain.

Sungmin lied on the sweaty bed sheets, trying to clear his head enough to walk over to his closet and draw out some clean boxers and college trousers and walk to the shower, but the trembling in his limbs had gotten to the point where the walk to the closet seemed million kilometers long.

Sungmin breathed in a heavy sigh and cringed when the need to touch himself was becoming almost overwhelming. He didn’t want to do it, but his cock didn’t agree with him, so now he was faced with a dilemma. A small moan escaped him when he accidentally moved his hips forward and his breaths started to pick up their pace. He hated this. With pure passion.

The door opened with a silent  creaking sound and Sungmin didn’t even bother to lift his head from the pillow.

“Go away Donghae, I’m going through menopausal at the moment.”

“I can come later also, if it suits you.” Hankyung’s dry voice commented at the door and Sungmin’s head snapped in his direction.

“Holy cow, you could’ve said that it’s you!” Sungmin flushed scarlet and covered himself a bit better with the blanket. Hankyung just huffed under his breath, putting the same box from last evening on the nightstand and opened the window to let some fresh air inside.

“You didn’t exactly give me a chance to inform my presence before you were already jumping to conclusions.” the man said and walked over to the bed where Sungmin was lying on his stomach. The taller man wrinkled his nose.

“You should shower you know.”


“Why? Heat doesn’t make you an invalid.”

“Have you tried?!” Sungmin growled under his breath and Hankyung rolled his eyes. Sungmin barely contained the moan trying to get out past his lips as he took one of the pillows and propped it under his hips to lift his rear end a bit. The air in the room went from almost-comfortable to tense in mere seconds as the inevitable scenario was suddenly there and Hankyung took the syringe, coming to stand on his knees behind Sungmin.

Sungmin hissed as the syringe went inside him and clutched the blanket in the same fashion as during the previous night.  He tried to keep his mind clear of everything arousing, but he still felt how his cock twitched at every small probe Hankyung did and Sungmin felt how his control started to slip as the tip of his cock brushed the blanket for the millionth time.

When Hankyung finally found the prostrate, Sungmin couldn’t hold in the yell of surprise as the shock of pleasure went over him, leaving him shaking with the aftermath. Sungmin almost laughed in relief when he realized that he hadn’t orgasmed this time, but his relief was short lived, when Hankyung pulled the syringe out, apparently fulfilled his task and started to make the beeline for the door.

“Wait.” Sungmin rasped out in his haste and Hankyung stopped reluctantly, his hand already on the handle of the door. Sungmin rose on the bed to lean on his shaking arms and looked at Hankyung with a flushed expression.

“Do you find me revolting?” Hankyung’s expression went from tense to confused in mere seconds as he looked at Sungmin sitting on the bed.

“No? why would y-“

“Then why are you leaving like I could give you some sort of disease?” Sungmin flung his legs over the edge of the bed and stood up and looked at Hankyung with his dark eyes. The Chinese man sighed.

“It’s not that. I’m just trying to give you some space-“

“Don’t lie to me, you’re running away. I can see it a mile away.” Sungmin growled, but his angry expression melted away in mere seconds as Hankyung shot him a look. With three long strides Hankyung was in Sungmin’s personal space, glaring holes to Sungmin’s façade.

“You want to know why I run away? You want to know why I escape from the inevitable? I’ll tell you why!” Sungmin’s eyes widened as
Hankyung’s eyes started to dilate furiously and his ears grew the furry ends. The breathing of the man before him grew harsher and a slight flush spread to his cheeks. “Because all this time I’m with you I’m fighting with my other nature which wants to ravish you. Which wants to take you past the border of pleasure, to make you wish you could be in heat forever just to feel the explosion of pleasure again and again and again.” Sungmin’s cheeks started to flush even darker as Hankyung’s tone dipped lower, from area of seductive to area of downright sexy.

 “I want to push you back on those sheets, lick every centimeter on your skin. I want to make you wither like a small leaf of a tree and I want to see you moaning for me to grant you release.” Hankyung lowered his head so that his lips were just beside Sungmin’s ear, making the smaller man shiver furiously when he felt the slight puffs of air on his earlobe.” I want to see your face when you orgasm, the same kind of face you did yesterday, at which I almost lost myself.”

Sungmin’s heart was beating hundred kilometers per hour and his breaths were coming in short gasps. He was clutching the edge of his t-shirt with white knuckles and just when he thought that Hankyung would lean in and act out on his words, the man pulled away and when Sungmin looked at the wolf, Hankyung’s expression looked extremely tense, but the dilating pupils and furry ears were gone.

“But I won’t do it to you, because I don’t want to destroy the last fragment of normalcy we have. That’s why I run. So that I wouldn’t do something that I regret later.” With this the Chinese male turned around on his heels and started to make his way towards the door.

“What if the normalcy changes?” Sungmin’s tone was silent, almost non-existent and it took Hankyung several long moments of going through the words in his head before he turned around and stared at his guardian with a dumbstruck expression.


Sungmin lifted his eyes to meet Hankyung’s and after a while of gulping the flushing man turned his eyes to look at the bookshelf beside Hankyung’s ear.

“What if I want you to do those things to me?”

The silence which ensued was deafening. Hankyung couldn’t find the ability to form words and Sungmin was busy trying to not faint from sheer embarrassment. Then Hankyung frowned.

“That’s the heat talk-“

“No it’s not.” Sungmin stared at Hankyung with hard eyes. “This is the Sungmin talking who got past his apprehension.” A violent shudder ran through the younger man’s skin and he had to grit his teeth together to remain somewhat calm as Hankyung stood there looking at his guardian with an unreadable expression.

Then he moved.

The movement was laced with so much restraint and tension that Sungmin started to hold his breath, scared that even the smallest breath could make the taller man spring away from him. When the man was only an inch away from touching Sungmin, he stopped.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” Hankyung’s tone had gained an sharp edge, a steely shade which was telling about the restraint Hankyung put himself go through by just standing this close. Sungmin swallowed the huge amount of saliva from his mouth and closed his eyes to give himself some breathing time. Hankyung’s breath could be felt on Sungmin’s forehead, and without even realizing it, the smaller man let out a small sigh from between his lips, flushing bright red when he realized what he had done.

Hankyung didn’t give out any signs that he’d have noticed Sungmin’s flustered state, but just stood there  a few inches away from Sungmin, waiting. Hovering. Just wanting to turn around and pretend none of this would’ve never happened.

But he didn’t want to.

Hankyung’s throat constricted as his baser instincts started to marvel at the sweat drop beading on the juncture on Sungmin’s neck and shoulder. His eyes darkened as the heady scent of the heat started to cloud his senses.

This scent was for him to marvel. For him to appreciate.

For him to cure.

Sungmin’s eyes widened to the sizes of plates when Hankyung suddenly moved so that the tip of his nose started to brush along the younger man’s neck.  Sungmin gulped loudly and closed his eyes when the slight contact on his skin started to make him feel things he shouldn’t be feeling in that state.

“Still okay?” Hankyung’s raspy voice surprised Sungmin enough to make him open his eyes and look at the taller man, but he regretted his decision immediately; Hankyung’s eyes were reflecting his picture in the blown pupils and the dark, furry ends of Hankyung’s ears had appeared on the sides of his head. The wolf’s mouth was slightly ajar, his nostrils flaring as he took in the air molecules greedily.
To put it simply, the sight before Sungmin was enough to make his toes curl and the color on his cheeks to travel southwards, spreading to his neck. The whole situation made him feel light headed and the eroticism radiating from the wolf rendered him speechless.

“I-I…” the man stammered, but his pathetic attempt to form a clear sentence disappeared to the wind when Hankyung leaned forward and planted his lips on the delectable, flushed skin just in his reach. Sungmin didn’t even have the time to feel abashed, but the silent moan from deep inside his throat was enough affirmative for the Chinese man to continue what he was doing.

Hankyung kissed the flushed skin with gentle, yet determined movements. Sungmin closed his eyes, breaths coming out in gasps as the need to be touched like this was becoming true. The soft lips on his skin were like calming salva to his wounds. The hand gripping the back of his neck like a bandage to a broken bone. Sungmin started to sway as he started to lean on Hankyung and before he even realized it, his hands had found their way to Hankyung’s shirt and soon the fabric ended up scrunched in Sungmin’s death grip.

Hankyung grunted in approval as Sungmin’s hands registered on his shirt and without even thinking the consequences of his actions, he opened his mouth and let the tip of his tongue taste the surface of Sungmin’s skin. The younger man shivered and leaned his forehead on Hankyung’s shoulder, trying not to dry hump against Hankyung’s lean leg.

The Chinese man soon found the addictive nature of Sungmin’s skin and little nips and bites followed the open-mouthed kisses along Sungmin’s jugular, neck and shoulders. The younger man was letting out small whimpers, trying to cover up the biggest moans. Soon Hankyung’s teeth found the lobe of Sungmin’s ear and started to nibble and kiss the back of the ear with smooth movements. Sungmin couldn’t stop the loud moan from escaping his lips and with wide, horrified eyes he slammed his hand over his mouth, attempting to cover the rest of the keening sounds, but Hankyung detached his hand immediately, locking eyes with his guardian.

“I want to hear you. Never cover your voice like that.” the growling edge in Hankyung’s voice was enough to make Sungmin freeze in his place, and his weeping cock started to scream for release.

He was so aroused, that it didn’t even matter that a man was the main reason for his arousal in the first place.

The wolf buried his nose in Sungmin’s hair  and made his way downwards, starting to nibble on the left ear of the smaller man. Sungmin hissed in a sharp breath and tried to concentrate on the opposite wall instead of the white hot pleasure on his skin. Hankyung licked at the lobe languidly, not hurrying at all, savouring the taste and scent to its fullest. Hankyung’s grip on Sungmin’s neck dipped lower and soon his hand landed on Sungmin’s ass, pulling him closer, making the smaller man yelp in surprise as he found himself with his every part pressed against Hankyung’s front and he bit his tongue in embarrassment as his hardened length was pressed against Hankyung’s hip.

The taller man didn’t even seem to notice this as he occupied himself with the back of Sungmin’s neck, where the hair line started. His hands made their way up and down Sungmin’s back, accidentally pulling him against himself and pressing Sungmin’s erection to his hip in irregular intervals.

The younger man couldn’t help himself as he started to rub the needy organ against Hankyung’s lean body. His breaths started to come out in labored moans and gasps when the friction hit his heightened nerves and the peak started to be closer and closer. Sungmin’s humping increased as Hankyung started to lick at his collarbones greedily, most likely leaving a huge array of hickeys behind himself.

The Hankyung growled and grabbed Sungmin’s ass again, pressing himself against the younger man even more tightly, clamping his teeth to Sungmin’s earlobe.

The white lights exploded in Sungmin’s vision and only a small whimper got out past his chapped lips as he continued to hump Hankyung’s leg, staining his underwear and most likely Hankyung’s college pants with his sperm. His body convulsed heavily as the aftermath of the orgasm tingled his nerves and his legs almost buckled under him. Hankyung continued to lick and suckle at the earlobe, waiting for Sungmin to ride out his orgasm.

When Sungmin’s heart rate started to go back to normal and his breaths find their regular rhythm, the man froze in Hankyung’s arms. Then the embarrassment kicked in.

He had just dry humped somebody’s leg. How low can a person go.

“Stop thinking, you’re doing it too much for it to be healthy anymore.” Hankyung’s voice rasped beside Sungmin’s ear and for the horror of the younger man, he felt how his arousal stirred at the sound and before even thinking it through properly, he started to pull himself away from Hankyung’s grasp, trying to put some distance between them, but he didn’t expect for the taller man to follow him.  Before Sungmin even realized what was happening, both of them had fallen on the bed, Hankyung situated right in between Sungmin’s legs, looking at Sungmin carefully.

“Calm down, you’re panicking without a reason.” Hankyung leaned in, looking at Sungmin’s flushed neck greedily, the scent of come and sweat making him almost delirious with lust. However Sungmin’s hands were suddenly on his chest, stopping him from leaning further in.

“WAITWAITwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait!” Sungmin blabbered inconsistently and Hankyung let out a low growl from deep inside his throat.


“Let me collect myself first! I’m not going to stop you, just…FREEZE for a while.” A silence fell between them and Sungmin let his hands drop from Hankyung’s chest in order to bury his face on the clammy palms. The embarrassment was slowly dwindling away as Hankyung apparently didn’t give the whole dry-humping-someone’s-leg-and-cumming-harder-than-ever  as much heed as Sungmin had. The younger man exhaled shakily and grimaced when his member started to demand his undivided attention once again.

Hankyung looked at the troubled man under him and the longer the silence between them stretched, the more the disappointment and frustration inside the Chinese man grew.

Sungmin was about to back away again.

“Sungmin, I get it. You’re not ready to do this and I can still back away.” With this, the man started to stand up from the bed, but as he was retreating with a sour expression on his face, his body accidentally brushed Sungmin’s inner thigh and the younger man arched his back, a small moan escaping from between his lips.

Hankyung stared at his guardian, who averted his eyes, another flush spreading on his cheeks, frowning petulantly.

“This-this is just ridiculous. I just can’t understand where the sperm is coming from anymore. I don’t like this at all.” Sungmin’s tone wavered a bit when Hankyung came forward again to sit between his guardian’s  legs and stared to his guardian’s eyes, a frown of his own marring his features.

“Sungmin, I’m serious. If you let me continue, I can’t make myself stop anymore. It’s a miracle I can keep myself from ravishing you right at this moment.” Hankyung hovered above the younger man and Sungmin stared back, biting his tongue fervently in nervousness.

“You- This is just sex, right?”

“Yes. A business transaction of kind.”

“No ties connected?”

“No. You can imagine me as someone else if you wish, I don’t care. My job here is to offer you with my bacteria.” Sungmin’s eyes were averted from Hankyung and he felt how his self-consciousness took its full blow on him.

“Will it….uhh…hurt?” the man asked with an attempt at a nonchalant tone and Hankyung huffed out a short amused laugh at his guardian’s antics. Then he locked eyes with Sungmin. The man pressed against the mattress took in the dark orbs assessing him, and while he looked at his wolf, the taller man leaned forward and pressed his lips against Sungmin’s pulse, and started lapping at the skin after  while. The younger man frowned and closed his eyes, unable to stop the shiver from going through him at the action. Then he flinched as a harsh bite was landed on his skin and he gasped in a sharp breath. Hankyung lifted his head to look at his guardian.

“It will hurt but not much. I’ll make sure that you won’t have time to concentrate on the pain.” the man’s eyes flashed as he looked at the man under him and Sungmin sucked in a sharp breath. The heat which he had managed to put to the backburner for a while hit his nerves with vengeance as Hankyung’s hands started to travel along his upper torso, sending prickles of electricity along Sungmin’s skin.

Apparently Sungmin’s previous reaction to Hankyung’s brush against his inner thigh hadn’t gone past unnoticed as Hankyung leaned a bit back and let his other hand travel to Sungmin’s right thigh.

Sungmin squeezed his eyes shut and the moans and whimpers from his mouth were laced with the sharp convulsions from his overheated body. Hankyung looked with mild curiosity at the display before him and felt how his member started to get to the point of soaking his underwear with precome. He applied a bit more pressure to the tips of his fingers and let them travel up and down with a slow pace, letting out low groans of approval at Sungmin’s reactions.

The younger man didn’t know what was he supposed to do anymore. His every nerve screamed in happiness and agony when Hankyung’s constant touches remained tightly under control. Even though Sungmin would’ve loved to have those hands on his chest, his back, his hips, on his ass, on his weeping member, he just couldn’t ask for it. He’d never stoop that low and while writhing on the sheets under Hankyung’s constant teasing his resolve was slowly starting to get ripped to shreds.

And the taller man’s penetrating stare didn’t really make Sungmin feel any better in his current situation. As Hankyung continued with his petting, when the first low groan was carried to Sungmin’s ears, he froze.

The sound came again from the taller man and when Sungmin opened his eyes, his mouth involuntarily watered at the sight.
Hankyung’s hair had matted to his forehead and his mouth was slightly agape. His left hand was making its way steadily along Sungmin’s thigh, stopping just a hair’s width away from Sungmin’s weeping cock and turned back to its original position only to repeat the cycle again. However, it wasn’t the whole appearance or the touching which caught Sungmin breathless.

It was the expression on Hankyung’s face which made him want to melt to a puddle of overheated goo in mere seconds. The piercing eyes, and a slight upward curve on the full lips was radiating with the promise of sex, and while Sungmin was still looking at the wolf with his body partially frozen over, Hankyung’s right hand traveled down his torso, letting Sungmin see how it made its way downwards over his clothed chest and finally stopped on top of the prominent bulge which could be clearly seen through the cotton pants. Then he squeezed it and while Sungmin was still looking, the smirk on his lips grew even more.

Shit, where had the somewhat modest Hankyung gone off to when he was needed.

Sungmin didn’t want to admit it to himself, but every cell of him was screaming for Hankyung to hurry it up and take him already. The confident attitude the taller man was radiating made Sungmin want to curl up to a ball and hibernate for the rest of his life as the expression woke something uncontrollable in him.

He actually wanted Hankyung to do this.

Hankyung crawled forward again, looming over Sungmin, and before Sungmin managed to collect himself enough to register what was happening, Hankyung slipped his hands inside Sungmin’s shirt and pulled the offending garment over Sungmin’s head in one swift movement. Protesting didn’t even occur to Sungmin, but when Hankyung suddenly stopped, te younger man opened his mouth and felt his cheeks burn with additional heat for self-consciousness. Hankyung stared at Sungmin’s torso carefully and after a while, the guardian turned his face to the other direction, closing his eyes in embarrassment.

“Stop staring, it’s just a normal upper body anyone would have.” Hankyung’s chuckled low in his throat and leaned forward so that his mouth was nestled beside Sungmin’s ear.

“Except that it’s the upper body of a person I just want to eat up for being so damn delectable.” Hankyung bit the earlobe which most likely was sporting teeth marks by now and Sungmin gasped. Seriously, this was so out of character for Hankyung! Where was the reserved, silent, smart, NON-pervy guy Hankyung Sungmin knew?

He liked this way too much.

Hankyung’s hands started to draw random patterns of Sungmin’s flat abdomen and the strangled moan encouraged the Chinese man to land his mouth on Sungmin’s left nipple and give it a harsh suck.

Sungmin’s hips bucked upwards at the sudden sensation and hiss of surprise escaped his lips when his cock collided with Hankyung’s lower abdomen. The Chinese man let out a moan of approval as Sungmin accidentally brushed the wolf’s hardened length.

Sungmin started to pant when Hankyung started to rock against him, his lips still attached to the erected nipples of the younger man. the irregular pace was enough to set Sungmin at the brink of despair and finally he snapped.

“Goddammit, stop teasing…!” The whimper was not supposed to be attached at the end of the man’s sentence, but it came out involuntarily as Hankyung gave the right nub especially hard nip before lifting his head to look at his guardian with a smug expression.

“And what exactly do you want me to do? Unfortunately I won’t know what you want unless you tell me.” Hankyung was breathing heavily and Sungmin could see that he was not the only one with a weeping arousal. He narrowed his eyes and stared at the wolf hovering over him, but his glare partially lost its edge when Hankyung’s hands started to travel southwards, making Sungmin gasp for air helplessly.

Apparently Hankyung was starting to reach his limit also as he suddenly stopped his advance to take off his shirt. After discarding the offending piece of clothing, he grabbed the hem of Sungmin’s college trousers , starting to pull them downwards.

Suddenly the younger man understood the gravity of the situation and a sudden wave of panic punched him in the gut. He rose up to lean to his elbows and grabbed Hankyung’s hand.

“Hankyung, wait-“

The Chinese man didn’t wait. In fact he managed to shoot Sungmin with one sharp look before he grabbed the younger man’s hands and swung them above his head, pinning the guardian to the mattress. With his eyes locked to the panicked orbs of the younger man, he moved his other hand with agonizingly slow pace to the hem of Sungmin’s college trousers again.

“Calm down.” When Sungmin averted his eyes, his cheeks flushed with exertion and panic, Hankyung growled low in his throat. ” Look at me Sungmin, never avert your eyes in a situation like this.” Sungmin turned his eyes begrudgingly to his wolf who surprisingly enough offered the smaller man under him a reassuring smile. “Look at my eyes. Don’t look anywhere else.”

Sungmin gulped when he felt how his trousers started to get pulled down and when Sungmin’s eyes threatened to travel where Hankyung’s other hand was a tad bit too close his privates, the wolf let out a sound of warning and this way Sungmin became aware that he was completely naked, and Hankyung’s gaze hadn’t wavered not even once during the whole ordeal.

Finally Hankyung let go of Sungmin’s hands , but still he didn’t move his eyes away from his guardian’s.

“See? No apocalypse. Everything still intact, no harm done.” Hankyung smiled a  bit and Sungmin was surprised to see the normal Hankyung once again. Apparently Hankyung knew what the situation demanded and could act on it. When the Chinese man landed his hands on Sungmin’s chest and started to glide them lower, towards Sungmin’s nether regions, the younger man just gulped and closed his eyes, his pulse jumping fervently under his skin. Hankyung licked his lips and lowered his head to suck at the point, just under the wolf-shaped mark.
The Chinese man’s hands soon found their way to the coarse hairs surrounding Sungmin’s arousal and the smaller man shivered when Hankyung accidentally brushed his hand against the base of Sungmin’s cock.  the younger man bit his lip in frustration as the urge to scream at Hankyung to hurry it up almost took control.

It didn’t help much that the taller man was still looking at Sungmin’s face intently.

While still looking at his guardian, imprinting every expression to his memory, he moved his hand to grab the younger man’s hardened length with tentative fingers and gave it a slow tug. Sungmin’s eyes almost rolled back to his head when the pleasure hit his senses, making his toes curl and an involuntary keening moan escaped from between his lips.

Hankyung hissed in a low breath as Sungmin’s expression changed from erotic to downright fuckable from mere touch to his weeping member. Hankyung let his hand get the steady up and down rhythm and Sungmin’s shaking turned to small cramps all around his body. After a while, however, the younger man opened his eyes and a panicked expression took over his features.

“Hankyung, stop I’m going to-!” Sungmin’s hands fumbled with Hankyung’s but the taller man took it upon himself to grab Sungmin’s hands and pin them to the mattress again. With this he started to increase his pace, spreading precome along Sungmin’s shaft.

“Hankyung, I’m serious! Stop before I-“ The man started to shudder violently and he had to cut his sentence in the middle when Hankyung still kept increasing his pace.

“Before you come? But that’d just destroy the whole purpose of this.” Sungmin didn’t see when Hankyung suddenly ducked down from behind his closed lids, but he certainly felt it.

Oh, he definitely felt it.

When the hot cavern of Hankyung’s mouth engulfed him, Sungmin’s vision went completely black before a scream ripped its way through his vocal chords. Sungmin’s hands found their way intertwined in Hankyung’s dark hair and his back arched completely off the bed.


The Chinese man felt how Sungmin’s hot seed exploded to his mouth and without even blinking an eye, he started to swallow around Sungmin’s length, effectively milking out the rest of Sungmin’s orgasm  and making his guardian wither in that simply alluring way.
It took Sungmin a several long moments to recover from his sudden high and still he couldn’t seem to take control over his erratic breathing or twitching libs. Hankyung had lifted his head from between Sungmin’s legs and was now trailing lazy kisses along the younger man’s hip bone. Sungmin managed to open his eyes and it took him a moment to register his surroundings before his heated gaze fell upon the wolf, who was smirking mischievously from beside Sungmin’s limp member.

“Next time…you do something like that…give me…a proper warning!” the man hissed from behind chapped lips and Hankyung chuckled.

“But I noticed that surprising you is the best way to get the best reactions.” With thi Hankyung let his left hand make its way under Sungmin and the younger man froze completely when the taller man’s hand started to make its way towards areas where he necessarily didn’t want to have the surprisingly agile fingers.

“Hankyung-“ Sungmin was silenced effectively when Hankyung gave his slowly awakening member a slow lick and continued the journey down Sungmin’s back with his hand. He stopped as he reached Sungmin’s butt cheeks and gave a brief squeeze before continuing again.

This time Sungmin totally froze when Hankyung’s fingers came into contact with his hole. Hankyung spread a wide variety of licks and sucks along Sungmin’s shaft and looked at the younger man’s expressions carefully. The apprehension was clearly visible, but Hankyung couldn’t help himself from feeling smug as he noticed the slight dust of curiosity in Sungmin’s eyes.

He was actually curious about the whole ordeal.

Hankyung landed a final kiss on top of Sungmin’s member before rising from the bed and walking to Sungmin’s bathroom. the younger man frowned as he heard the fumbling from the bathroom before the taller man emerged again, holding something in his hand.
Sungmin felt how his cheeks heated up when he realized it was a bottle of hand cream.

Hankyung lowered himself on the bed again and uncapped the bottle with calm exterior and Sungmin felt how apprehension started to rip him inside out when the whole weight of the situation settled on him. It would hurt like a bitch, if some of the stories he had heard from his previous girlfriends were anything to go by, but would Hankyung actually care about that? The whole point was to give some of Hankyung’s bacteria to Sungmin, so wasn’t Sungmin’s comfort the last thing on the priority list.

“Overthinking.” Sungmin felt how Hankyung’s finger poked him on his forehead and he locked eyes with his wolf, a frown on his face.

“I’m not.” the man said with a defensive tone and Hankyung just chuckled.

“I can see how the worst case scenarios are playing themselves inside your head, so stop.” Hankyung suddenly lifted Sungmin’s lower body off the mattress and lowered it back down, but this time Sungmin felt how a few pillows were supporting his rear end, a bit in the same fashion as before, except that now Sungmin was lying on his back and not on his stomach. Hankyung locked eyes with his guardian. “I’m not going to hurt you.” Sungmin huffed in annoyance and followed how the wolf uncapped the lotion and poured some of it on his fingertips.

“I know that.” the man muttered under his breath begrudgingly and Hankyung froze for a second, staring at his flushed guardian before a gentle smile spread to his lips.


With this the taller man lowered his hand to circle the tight ring of muscles around Sungmin’s entrance before dipping in the first finger.
Sungmin had the insistent need to crawl away from the sensation but forced himself to stay still. It felt uncomfortable, but it didn’t hurt yet. Sungmin spared a look at his wolf, and was surprised to find the utter look of concentration painted on the taller man’s features. While Sungmin was still looking, the Chinese man lifted his eyes to look at his guardian and smiled with a strained expression.

“Try to relax a bit more, I can barely move my finger inside you.” Sungmin flushed a bit but tried to relax his abdominal muscles along with the others. It proofed to be an extremely hard task as Sungmin’s insistent poking inside him didn’t seem to follow any clear pattern and Sungmin found himself automatically tensing because of the sensation of something foreign inside him.

Hankyung felt how sweat droplets were starting to bead on his forehead from pure frustration of not being able to dump the formalities and bang his guardian to the mattress. The tight ring of muscles surrounding his finger wasn’t really helping any as he couldn’t stop imagining how Sungmin would actually feel when surrounding his weeping arousal.

With new found determination Hankyung started to prod at the walls of Sungmin’s hole, reaching deeper and deeper with every stroke. Sungmin let out a small sound of discomfort when Hankyung probed around  and fought the strong urge to crawl away.

Hankyung knew immediately when he brushed the spot he was looking for.

Sungmin’s muscles cramped at the sensation and he let out a surprised yowl when the sudden wave of pleasure traveled through, awakening his slightly drowsy cock completely from its slumber. Hankyung couldn’t stop the victorious smirk from spreading to his lips as he pushed his finger against the bundle of nerves for the second time and Sungmin gripped the sheets so hard that the fabric ripped. A full-body flush had covered his body and Hankyung decided to add another finger in while Sungmin was still distracted.

This time the pain registered in Sungmin’s still-mushy brain and he cringed as the feeling of being  filled enveloped his senses, dampening the previous wave of white-hot pleasure.

The Chinese man noticed the tensing in Sungmin’s body and without stopping to think through his actions, he started to rub at the younger man’s prostate with his fingers. Sungmin let out a low hiss as he registered the pain mixed with immense pleasure and his blush intensified.

Holy fuck, since when had he become such a masochist?!

Hankyung added the third finger after scissoring Sungmin for a while and tried calm his own erratic breathing down. The scent of heat was really getting to him and Sungmin’s writhes and moans weren’t really helping him at all.

The sensation of being stretched didn’t really get any better after Hankyung had scissored him for a good while, but the irregular waves of pleasure from touching his prostate were enough to keep Sungmin’s member at full attention. The younger man didn’t notice when Hankyung lowered his own college pants and started to coat his own leaking member with the lotion.

A thin layer of sweat on Sungmin’s skin glistened in the soft lighting of the room and Hankyung lowered his head to lick and suck at the dip between Sungmin’s collar bones greedily, lifting his lotioned hand to stroke Sungmin’s arousal. The younger man shuddered under Hankyung and exhaled a shaky breath.

Sungmin ceased breathing completely when he felt Hankyung pull his fingers out and something warm, blunt and hard came in contact with the tight ring of muscles.

“It’s going to sting a bit, but if you relax it won’t be that bad.” The Chinese man reassured when Sungmin’s panicked expression registered completely. The taller man let his lotioned hands roam over Sungmin’s midriff and the guardian just gulped when he couldn’t quite shake the apprehension away. His hands started to grip the already partially destroyed sheets with a death grip when Hankyung started to push in and his eyes squeezed shut when the pain started to really register.

Hankyung had stretched him for ages, how is it possible that the pain was still this huge?!

“Sungmin, RELAX.” Hankyung’s frustrated tone caught Sungmin’s attention and his eyes widened at the look Hankyung was giving him. His whole posture shook with tension, and Sungmin noticed how the previously still partially hidden wolf ears had now emerged completely from the sides of Hankyung’s head. The taller man’s pupils were flipping shits by now and his knuckles had turned white from where he was gripping Sungmin’s legs. The younger man exhaled and closed his eyes, trying to relax himself enough to not reject the intrusion at his hole.

Hankyung pushed himself in with one steady move of his hips, not waiting for Sungmin to adjust properly.  Sungmin’s lip started to bleed from biting down too hard and a small pained hiss escaped him as he felt like his whole body would’ve been sliced in half. He hadn’t even seen Hankyung’s cock properly, but he could make a rough estimate just like this.

The Chinese man was panting heavily, hovering over Sungmin’s lithe body his eyes closed and perspiration covering his skin. Sungmin looked at his wolf, and a slight pang of quilt shot through him as he saw how the tension in Hankyung’s posture never disappeared, but actually grew more intense after a while.

He’s stopping himself.

The younger man grit his teeth together and tried to collect himself enough to get the right words out. Finally he gave up and moved his hips slightly upwards, creating a slight separation between them, and his eyes widened when Hankyung let out a strangled moan, his frowning intensifying. The muscular arms shook with exertion as he tried to keep himself as still as possible and Sungmin let out a soft sigh.

“Move.” the expression on the wolf’s face would’ve been almost comical if the situation wouldn’t have been what it was: Sungmin extremely embarrassed and Hankyung extremely strained.

“…You sure? I can still wait-“

“Don’t bullshit with me. Move, this won’t get better with waiting it out.” Sungmin growled under his breath and Hankyung stared at his guardian with a wary expression. Then he lowered his upper body, and let his lips make their way along the nape of Sungmin’s neck, leaving small kisses and licks in his wake.

“Thank you.” the words were exhaled against Sungmin’s hypersensitive ear and the younger man flushed for at least the millionth time on that evening. Hankyung must’ve really felt repressed for him to feel gratitude towards such a simple act.

Sungmin’s eyes widened in surprise when Hankyung suddenly snapped his hips forward, burying his arousal completely inside the younger man. Sungmin let out a small gurgle from his throat and Hankyung started to kiss and lick at the expanse of skin before him, his other hand going to Sungmin’s slightly limp arousal, and starting to tug at the member. Sungmin was too distracted to notice how Hankyung started to pull his member out once again before pushing in again with a huge groan which was breathed to Sungmin’s jaw wantonly.

The sensations on Sungmin’s skin were clashing somewhat horribly, as the slight pain from Hankyung’s rough movements intertwined with the pleasure of the constant touches on his body and his weeping member. The wolf could clearly sense Sungmin’s discomfort and proved himself to be a quite good distraction as his irregular tugs at Sungmin’s dick and the bites and licks on his skin kept Sungmin busy enough to not notice the erratic rhythm Hankyung had gained.

And then Hankyung changed the angle slightly, hitting Sungmin’s prostate head-on.

The younger man screamed in surprise as the sudden wave of pleasure overrid the sensations of pain and he was left shivering on the mattress. Hankyung smiled in relief to Sungmin’s pulse and pulled himself out just to push back in immediately. Sungmin jerked with a moan as Hankyung hit the prostate for the second time and as the taller man increased his hand’s pace on Sungmin’s cock and kept on gracing the small man’s prostate with every snap of his hips, soon Sungmin found himself drowning in the pleasure Hankyung was offering him and he couldn’t even keep on track about the all the embarrassing sounds he was letting out.

“Hankyung I’m going to-!” the man hissed when the wolf started to play with the head of his weeping cock and Hankyung leaned in to lick at Sungmin’s earlobe.

“Come. I want to see you come.” The words were whispered to Sungmin’s ear breathily and it didn’t take Sungmin a long time for the orgasm to hit him for the third time during their session. Streams of white landed partially on his heaving abdomen and partially on Hankyung’s hand and while Sungmin tried to blink his eyes to get his vision back to normal again, Hankyung picked up his pace and Sungmin moaned when the Chinese man kept on brushing his prostate by accident, sending small shockwaves to Sungmin’s oversensitive nerves.

Finally the taller man let out an almost animalistic growl from deep inside his throat and Sungmin felt how the wolf’s member pulsed inside him, his seed staining the walls of Sungmin’s ass. the guardian looked how Hankyung shook above him with the aftermath of his orgasm and how his brows were crunched up together above closed eyes. He panted heavily and after a while his arms gave out and he ended up leaning on Sungmin’s chest with his forehead, his arms flanking Sungmin’s sides, whole body shaking violently.

Sungmin felt woozy and extremely tired as he stared up at the ceiling, Hankyung’s weight feeling oddly comforting in his post-orgasmic haze.
It really hadn’t been so bad.

Sungmin couldn’t help himself from reveling the different expressions Hankyung had showed him. For the first time, Sungmin had seen Hankyung completely open and non-defensive. Sungmin mentally backtracked at this train of thought and a frown appeared on his forehead.
Wasn’t it because of him that Hankyung was defensive in the first place? wasn’t he the reason why Hankyung closed himself off like that?

God, he was such a douchebag.

Hankyung lifted himself from lying on top of the younger man and Sungmin locked eyes with his wolf. The blush on his cheeks intensified with the gaze the taller man was giving him and he had to turn his head away to keep even some of his dignity intact.

“Are you hurt? Do you need something?” Hankyung’s worried tone made Sungmin want to crawl under his comforter and die. This was way too embarrassing.

“I’m just fine. I just need to shower and sleep that’s all.” the answer came out a lot more pissy than he intended it to be and regretted it immediately when something fell shut in Hankyung’s expression and he mentally slapped himself.

“Okay. Well I’ll take my leave then so that you can take care of your business.” the Chinese man backed away from the bed and fixed his college pants to their rightful place, grabbing his t-shirt from the floor. Without sparing one glance at his guardian who had managed to pull the comforter over himself the taller man made his leave and soon Sungmin found himself staring at the door which had now sealed shut his only chance to not act like a fucking moron.

Sungmin felt a sudden pang in his chest and he had to grit his teeth together to not let out a small whimper.  He had screwed up one of his rare chances to actually act on his modest attraction to the Chinese man, and this is what he had managed to do. Why he couldn’t have the same social skills as Donghae? Why couldn’t he just act like a normal person?

“You- This is just sex, right?”
“Yes. A business transaction of kind.”
“No ties connected?”
“No. You can imagine me as someone else if you wish, I don’t care. My job here is to offer you with my bacteria.”

Sungmin had to chuckle a bit to himself.

Had he actually thought that something as intimate as this would stay in the borders of impersonal sex? Hankyung’s caring expression, the teasing smirks, and the restraint he put himself go through made the guilt Sungmin felt go through the ceiling and before he could well on it too much, he stood up from the bed and started to limp his way towards the bathroom , face cringing in discomfort as the pain in his backside registered completely

However, halfway through the room, his foot collided with something and he lowered his gaze to see the innocent looking box lying to the floor. The syringe had accidentally rolled out of the box and the man grit his teeth together. In one swing of his leg the box flew to the wall, breaking from the hinges and Sungmin made his way to the bathroom, eyes cold and worry lacing his every thought.

Sometimes he just hated himself, because woo, fuck and forget had suddenly turned to get wooed, get fucked and never forget.
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