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(FIC) Training you to love (part 2/?)

Title:  Training you to love (part 2/?) <----it was supposed to be two chapter fic, but it seems like it is gonna to be alot longer...
Author:  Me! ( a.k.a mjaku xD)
Beta: ...me?? C : *innocent smile*
Pairing: Sungmin x Leeteuk
Rating: R
Disclaimer: *sigh* they are not mine

Sungmin had learned every dance which Super Junior had had so far. But when they start to practise their new coreography for Bonamana, the male starts to get devastated with himself. What is so different in the dance steps that he can't handle it? However, he is quite lucky to have some very good friends to give him a hand.

  Thank's to all the readers and hope you enjoy : DD Oh, btw, the song lyrics in this are from Bonamana and from My all is on you. You can find them on  http://www.lyricsmode.com

"...Hyanghae japil sudo opsul mankum twwigo innungol, Break it down to you, Down to you, Naega suminol.Nol gatji mothandamyon momchul goranda, Bolkka malkka bolkka malkka bolkka malkka, Nagatun namja
Bonche manche bonche manche bonche manche , Doraso bwado, Bogabwado bogabwado bogabwado, Na bakke apta
Bonamana bonamana bonamana..."

"Shit, I stepped wrong..." Sungmin cursed to himself and the music stopped. Leeteuk laughed and threw the younger male's towel from the another side of the dancestudio. Sungmin caught it and wiped the small droplets of sweat from his forehead. Leeteuk pressed replay and went to his position on the dancefloor

"It's fine, we will practise that. Come on, I will show you how it is supposed to go." Sungmin threw the towel back to the side and went to stand beside Leeteuk. They started to dance exactly on the same minute and Sungmin's face was very serious when he tried to concentrate on his dancesteps. Leeteuk just moved his legs and body to the right direction and the rest of the time he looked at Sungmin. The leader couldn't find any mistakes in the steps, but Sungmin's way of moving was too stiff for his liking. The male had learned how to move his hips, but the rest of his body seemed to had some restraints on it.

"...SHIT! I did it AGAIN!" Sungmin groaned again and buried his face to his hands. Leeteuk could see that the male hadn't had any proper sleep lately. Dark rings under Sungmin's eyes looked like tattoos and his frustration became visible more easily. Now the male walked to the side of the dance studio and kicked his waterbottle out of the way. Leeteuk sighed.

"Sungmin, relax! You will get it in time, but being like some adolescent kid doesn't help you at all." Leeteuk blurted out without second thoughts and walked to the cd-player to press replay. When the song started and Leeteuk's dancing began, he realised that Sungmin hadn't moved from his place at all. The leader turned around and saw Sungmin just staring at the wall. Leeteuk lifted his another eyebrow at the male and went to the player and pressed pause.

"...Sungmin? We just had a break."

"This is impossible."

Leeteuk had to think at the smaller male's words over for at least ten times before he realised what Sungmin meant.

"Well, with that attitude it will be impossible." The leader said, rolling his eyes, but regretted his words almost instantly. Sungmin turned around and looked at Leeteuk, his face frustrated.

"Come on! You have noticed it too, haven't you! The more I train at certain areas, the more I suck at the others...! It's no use in concentrating on the single things when I should learn the whole dance!" Sungmin groaned and  massaged his tired eyes. Leeteuk just watched quietly. When he didn't speak at all, Sungmin just shook his head, his face bewildered.

"This is...this is completely pointless." The male strode across the dance studio and slamming the door shut after him. Leeteuk sighed heavily and scratched the back of his neck.

"He really needs a few resting days." The Leader said and followed the male.


Sungmin was so tired.

When he got to the dressingroom, he just slumped to the nearby bench and sighed. He shouldn't have been so rude to Leeteuk. He knew that their leader wasn't the reason that he was so damn horrible at dancing. And it didn't help him dance when he had had about three or four hours of sleep during that week. The male just sat on the bench and stared at the wall. The longer he stayed there, the more he felt that he should go and apologise to Leeteuk.

He hadn't even realised that Leeteuk had already came to the dressingroom. That's why he almost jumped out from his skin when he felt warm hands touching his back. Sungmin yelped and before he even realised it, he had fallen from the bench and lied on the floor. Leeteuk just watched at him and bursted out laughing. He just laughed so much that soon he was lying on the floor and rolling around from silent laughter with confused Sungmin.


"..." Little tears were escaping from Leeteuk's eyes and he just shook his head, unable to stop himself. After a while this had continued, Sungmin was chuckling with their leader.

"Please, stop that! You look like some crazy person!" Sungmin started to laugh and Leeteuk pointed a finger at him, still laughing and crying at the same time.

"You...LAUGHED!" Then he fell back to the floor and started to guffaw like some old drunken fella. Sungmin was now laughing with him and they just rolled around on the floor and everytime their gazes met, they started to laugh again.

This went on for almost half an hour before they could rise up and breath normally, without bursting out laughing again.

"You are unbeliavable...You have so freaky laugh that it will make even the dead laugh." Sungmin said rolling his eyes and Leeteuk smiled.

"Isn't that good then? Then I can make miracles. Miracles like teaching you to dance." Leeteuk said and Sungmin stiffened. Ooops, a sensitive subject. The older male poked at  Sungmin's side, who gringed in displeasure.

"Could you please stop that?! I'm trying to get myself together here, so that we can continue practising..." The smaller male sighed and scratched his neck tiredly. He was completely oblivious to Leeteuk who rose up and walked to stand behind him. Then, without a warning, he pressed at Sungmin's shoulders.

"OWWW!" Sungmin jumped up like there would have been a fire under his butt. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" He yelled at Leeteuk, who just looked contemplating. Then the leader lifted his gaze back to Sungmin's face

"Sit down."

"...Oh, so that you could kill my shoulders?!"

"I'm trying to massage them, moron! It feels like you'd be having some huge stones under your skin." Leeteuk said and rolled his eyes mockingly at Sungmin's reaction. The small male was still feeling the pain on his shoulders, but his rational side was now talking to him. If Leeteuk would really massage his back, it surely wouldn't make his dancing worse, would it?

"....Fine, but be careful, it still hurts." Sungmin said and sat on the floor, in front of Leeteuk. The leader just smiled and sat behind Sungmin.

"Let's take your shirt off."

Okay, that is not what Sungmin had expected. He stiffened again , and felt how his face started to heat up.

"Umm...I-is that necessary...?"

"Yeah, because I can't feel your muscles right if you have your shirt on." Leeteuk said nonchalantly, which made Sungmin even more agitated. Then, after he had gulped a couple of times, he finally removed the white T-shirt on him and sat there, every inch of his body on goosebumps.

"This might hurt a little when I start, but you'll get used to it." Leeteuk said, completely oblivious to the younger male's embarrassment. Sungmin just pursed his eyes shut and tried to calm himself down.

"OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!" Sungmin yelled in pain when Leeteuk started to press the little lumps on his shoulders. The leader just shushed the smaller male and talked in soothing voice. After a while, the pain decreased a bit, and Sungmin was able to relax. Leeteuk continued his work with firm moves. Then, suddenly, Leeteuk started to sing with his warm voice:

Ibyeoli oneun geol algo isseodo geudae ddeonalgga nan sumeul meomchwodo
  Nunchi motchaen deut utgo isseumyeon urireul

Nan moreuneun cheok utgo itjiman gwaenhi jaggu mali manajigo itjiman
  sasil naneun ulgo sipeun maeumbbuingeol geureon nuneuro baraboneun neon

Sarangi ireohge ggeutmeoril boyeodo ibyeoli eoneusae naege dagawa annyeong insal geonnedo
Ajik naegen neol naeryeonohneun ge eoryeoungeol jogeumman siganeul jwo
I can't live without you, My all is in you...


"You should sing more solos" Sungmin said, mesmerized by the older male's voice. The singing stopped and Leeteuk chuckled.

"It must sound horrible when there is only me singing it. I will change the song." The leader said, Sungmin turned around, looking at Leeteuk with horrified expression.

"NO! Please don't stop! It was very beautiful, even if it was sung only by you! Your voice just made it seem like some completely different song, it was very good!" Sungmin said, all his words becoming tangled from the speed. Leeteuk looked dumbstruck for a moment, then he smiled.

"Okay, I will continue." Sungmin turned around again when Leeteuk started to sing and let the music flow through his mind. It was like some purifying wind in the younger male's mind: All his worries, tiredness and stress dissipated to somewhere and he realised that he was more relaxed than in long, long time. Leeteuk's hands were massaging his shoulderblades and lower back with firm, calm movements while his gentle voice sang the song again and again. Soon Sungmin was leaning to Leeteuk's shoulder and the Leader's lips were singing the beautiful notes just beside his ear. All the sleep debt seemed to crash down on him and Sungmin drifted off.



Leeteuk kept on singing.

He sang for almost an hour nonstop and when he finally felt Sungmin's heavy breathing against his shoulder, he stopped. Leeteuk felt around Sungmin's back and for his satisfaction, all the aching muscle lumps seemed to have disappeared. The leader smiled to himself and leaned to the bench behind him. He would not wake Sungmin in the near future so he should get comfortable.

An hour after, something woke Leeteuk from his daze. His legs and butt were hurting from long sitting on the floor but he surely wouldn't wake Sungmin. The leader lifted his gaze to the dressingroom door, which opened soon after.

It was Kyuhyun.

Their maknae didn't actually even notice that two of his bandmates were sitting on the floor in a very suspicious positions, but when he lifted his gaze from the coreography paper he was reading, his eyes met with Leeteuk's and from there he spotted Sungmin leaning to the brunette male.

 Kyuhyun's face flashed with couple of emotions: hurt, confusement and pure anger. Leeteuk had always known that Kyuhyun's emotions towards Sungmin were far from friendship. Even though the maknae hid the feelings from Sungmin, he couldn't hid them from the other bandmembers. It wasn't even a big secret to know that Kyuhyun watched Sungmin with so much adorement, that it could rot the teeth of the rest of the world if they knew.

Now Leeteuk just watched quietly how Kyuhyun tried to regain his speaking capability. After a while of gulping, the maknae flashed a forced smile to their leader and put the coreography paper down.

"Hello Leeteuk. I guess you had some hard training." His gaze moved to Sungmin's sleeping posture and the leader studied the maknae's face very carefully. Kyuhyun was obviously exploding with the need to say something very important.

"Yeah, indeed we had." Leeteuk said nonchalantly and looked carefully how reserved Kyuhyun was all along the time he opened the locker, put his stuff inside and closed the door. Then, finally after a long silence he turned around, facing Leeteuk andm started to speak, choosing every word carefully.

"You know, Sungmin has been at the another side of the fence for some time now." Kyuhyun said with a matter-o-fact tone and the leader just looked at him, almost reading the maknae's thoughts.

"Oh, I see."

Kyuhyun was starting to lose his composure when seconds passed and nothing changed on Leeteuk's expression. The maknae sighed.

"I can't believe that it's me who is telling this, BUT SUNGMIN IS FALLING FOR YOU!

A huge silence felll to the lockerroom and Sungmin turned his head to the another direction and started to snore lightly. Leeteuk just stared at the huffing Kyuhyun before him. Then he let out a little "hmph"-sound and turned his head to the another direction.

"Stop joking around."

"But I'm not! You see it in his eyes too! He is getting WAY too involved with you and it's starting to show on his face whenever you two are in contact!" Kyuhyun said, his face frustrated and then he turned serious again.

"Leeteuk, please! You need to stop this or you will hurt him in the end." Kyuhyun said pleadingly and the leader's face snapped back to him.

"What do you mean by that?" Leeteuk said, his tone calm, but face alerted. Kyuhyun looked at him, his face sad.

"Whatever you do, you have to leave korea in weeks time. You need to say it to Sungmin clearly, that you can't be with him or you will leave so severe scars to his heart that he won't never get over it." Kyuhyun said and turned to leave, but Leeteuk's words stopped him.

"How did you know about that? That I will be leaving?"

Kyuhyun just stood there and said nothing. Then he turned around.

"You were going to keep it as a secret until you would really leave." Kyuhyun said, his voice incredulous.

Leeteuk was about to say something, but decided to keep quiet. The maknae's  face was sad and angry at the same time.

"How do you think we felt when we had a call from SM and THEY informed us about you leaving in a week?! Do you have ANY idea how horrible it was to not hear it straight from you?!" Kyuhyun said with a strangled voice and stomped out of the dressing room, leaving Leeteuk completely dumbstruck on the floor.

The leader was feeling more horrible than ever.

Then Leeteuk turned his eyes back to the sleeping Sungmin between his legs:

I guess I have to hurt him before he gets even more hurt...


"Why is everybody so quiet today?" Sungnmin asked from Kyuhyun, who had been just staring into space a minute earlier. The maknae lifted his gaze to the oblivous Sungmin and thought for a minute before answering:

"Nah, just tired I guess" Sungmin looked confusedly how Kyuhyun turned to the opposite direction and went to talk to Kangin and the others.

What have I missed...? The male asked from himself, but his train of thought was interrupted, when Eunhyuk ordered everyone to their places. Sungmin gulped when he went to stand on his position. His leg had been completely fine for the past four days and now was the time to test if he had learned anything. He casted a glimpse to Leeteuk, who was already on his place warming his legs. The leader lifted his gaze to Sungmin and smiled a little smile, but turned his eyes away after that. The younger male was confused.

Okay, what the HELL have I missed?!

The first tunes of Bonamana filled the room and forced Sungmin back to the present time. There was so much anticipation in the air that it was almost touchable. Everyone had been waiting that they could finally dance the coreography with full group and naturally Sungmin had been also waiting this from the moment he finally had been able to cast weight upon his sore leg.

The dance started.

Sungmin was so concentrated that he almost forgot to breathe normally. Step after step he gradually started to relax when he realised that he really was doing it. He was dancing Bonamana correctly! Sweat drops were forming to his forehead when they had danced three and half minutes and Sungmin realised that the song was about to end. A huge smile spread to his lips and when the last tunes of the song came, he actually started to laugh.

"I DID IT! I DID IT!" Sungmin started to jump around furiously and everybody cheered for him excitedly. This was the first time they had done it with so less mistakes.  Eunhyuk was practically sobbing the tears of happiness when he went to switch off the CD-player to switch it off.

"YEAH! Tomorrow we will go and wrap this shit UP!" Eunhyuk threw his fist in the air and everybody joined him in the process, but Donghae was one of them who had an expression like somebody would have died. Sungmin looked around confusedly when one after another went to stand by Leeteuk who gave hugs and backpats to everyone and smiled his gentle, but sad smile. Sungmin tried to smile encouragingly.

"What's with the sad expressions? We did it! We can film Bonamana!" Sungmin said happily, but got no response from the another bandmembers. Siwon was the one to step forward.

"Sungmin, didn't SM contact you the day before yesterday?" He asked, his face calm, but sad. Sungmin was now even more confused.

"My phone is broken, so nobody can contact me right now. Why?" All the another band members exchanged glances before Siwon continued.

"Well, the point is that SM contacted all of us and informed about some huge Live-concert plotting event in America which lasts a year and some of the korean music representatives are going there." Siwon said and everybody just listened at him and the warning bells in Sungmin's head started to ring furiously.


"Leeteuk is leaving."

A silence fell to the dance studio and Sungmin's brain tried to keep in track. It seemed like he was trapped inside his own head.

Leeteuk leaving

Leeteuk leaving for a year

Leeteuk leaving for a year to America

"You...You can't! You are the leader! You are needed here!" Sungmin started to break the walls inside his head and the only thought in his head was now screaming in Sungmin's ear: Stop him! Stop him!

"I have no choices. Super Junior is the most succesfull band in South-korea and SM wants me to go as a representative there." Leeteuk said, his voice completely bland, face lifeless. Sungmin was getting angry now.

"Well, what are WE supposed to do on the year you are there?! We can't do enything without you, if you aren't there, Super Junior isn't full and we can't perform anywhere!" Sungmin yelled and tried to come up with more excuses, but Leeteuk lifted his hand up as to say enough. His eyes were cold as he looked to Sungmin who was trembling with anger.

"That's bullshit and you know it."

A echoing silence fell to the room and Sungmin felt like he had been hit by an airplane.

After a minute everybody continued the hugging and patting session quietly and Sungmin was still just standing there like his legs had been glued to the floor.

"When are you leaving?" Kyuhyun asked, trying to fake his voice to sound normal.

"Right after we have filmed the musicvideo." Leeteuk said with a monotone voice and everybody sighed.

"Well, let's make the music video filming session the best one we have had by this point!" Eunhyuk yelled and everybody nodded in agreement.  Leeteuk just smiled gently to everybody and clapped his hands in agreement.

"Now that we still have time, how 'bout we go to my place and make some dinner to all of us?" The leader said happily and the other band members nodded in agreement. They started to walk towards the doors, chatting happily with each other, like nothing dramatic had ever occurred in their little world. Sungmin was staring blankly to the opposite wall and Leeteuk just stood there quietly, waiting for some kind of reaction.

"You are horribly selfish."

Sungmin moved his gaze to meet Leeteuk's and made no sound.

"You don't think about Super Junior's best, you only think about your own well-being. You have gotten fond of me and now you realise that you can't have me for a year near you." Leeteuk's voice was still that bland monotone, and life returned to Sungmin's features.

"You can say all you want, and it doesn't change the fact that what you are doing is WRONG. If you leave now, you will leave us hanging in the air...! Super Junior can't live without its leader." Sungmin spat out from his mouth and turned around to walk to the pair doors leading to the dressing rooms.However, Leeteuk's next words stopped him:

"You can keep telling those fairytales and they will take you to nowhere."


"...you say TRUTH is a FAIRYTALE?!" Sungmin turned around and his yell echoed in the dance studio. Anger streamed in his veins like some poison and he ignored the horrible pain growing in his chest. Leeteuk just looked at him, his face expressionless.

"You aren't facing the facts. You can keep on running from them and covering your vision, but the true things are still there. I. Am. Leaving. And. That's. A. Fact. You think that I have something here that would keep me safely in korea..."

"YOU HAVE! YOU HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES AS SUPER JUNIOR'S LEADER!" Sungmin was now yelling with full force and Leeteuk's anger was also starting to show.

"OH YEAH?! YOU MEAN I HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES FROM YOU?! WAKE UP, KID! I'M NOT GONNA BE HERE ALWAYS TUTORING YOU!" Leeteuk shouted back and Sungmin's mind seemed to shut down. His every funktion and move seemed to go in slow motion while he looked at Leeteuk's face which was twisted from anger.

More pain. Sharp knives ripping everything apart.

Sungmin was completely dumbstruck. Part of him was still pleading him to continue persuasion and the other half was telling him to leave it be. However, Sungmin's metal state was so in a mess, that he decided to go for the third option.

"...As if I'd need you to be there. If you leave to America, I swear that if Super Junior starts to fall, I will be the one to help it up. You aren't needed then."

Leeteuk's expression turned from angry to a confused in mere seconds when he heard these words and saw Sungmin walking towards the doors.

"Hope you have fun in America."


The distant sounds of the another band members were echoing through the walls and Sungmin could hear the sounds of forks and knives colliding with the plates. There were several rooms between The two dorms, but all the sounds were clear enough for the young male to hear

He was the only one to be there alone after all.

Warm tear drops were falling from his eyes and he just kept on reoeating the words their leader had said to him:


"Oh yeah, you will not be..." Sungmin sneered to himself and felt how everything he had been hiding inside of himself flowed out. The warm tears soaked his t-shirt and the sobs became uncontrollable.

"Sungmin?" Kyuhyun's voice asked from the another side of the locked door and Sungmin gasped.

"I was just wondering that would you like to eat something? You are going to miss dinner if you don't come and eat." Sungmin sighed mentally to himself when he tried to ignore Kyuhyun's worried voice.

"I will be fine...." Yeah, kiss my ass....
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