-Hibernator- (mjaku) wrote,

(FIC) Training you to love (part 1/2)

Title: Training you to love
Author: mjaku
Beta: ...me?? : D
Pairing: Leemin or Leeteuk X Sungmin
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, angst....much fluffiness.

Disclaimer: HOHHOHHOOO! I keep Super Junior in my closet and every day I choose different guy to come with me to the city!  No, I do not own Super Junior or SM-entertainment... :' D

Summary: Sungmin had learned every dance which Super Junior had had so far. But when they start to practise their new coreography for Bonamana, the male starts to get devastated with himself. What is so different in the dance steps that he can't handle it? However, he is quite lucky to have some very good friends to give him a hand.

A/N: I know, the pairing is very...rare, but if you don't like, you can always go to MIcrosoft Word and change Sungmin's name to Heechul's : D Believe me, I have done it. Twice. It was horrible, but the result was worth it : DD So anyway, hope you enjoy ^^


A shout was to be heard in the empty dance studio. Frustrated sighs and angry footsteps clanged on the walls and made the space seem wider that it actually was.

The cursing male in there was Sungmin. He was frustrated with himself. Their newest song, Bonamana had been made and the only thing that was missing was a proper dance to the musicvideo. And THAT was making Sungmin crazy.

He always forgot the steps, forgot to move his body properly, he even forgot to look like he knew how the dance went. In reality, He had no fucking CLUE how it went. Sweat drops were covering his forehead with moisture and he was panting. The male had already danced his part atleast million times and was exhausted, but nothing seemed to come out of it. He just couldn't understand how the dance went!

They had already practised it before almost for four hours, and Sungmin was the only one who still didn't get it. Siwon tried to help him, but his steps...they were just so complex that the male was completrely lost. It made Sungmin very sad to see all the other band members saying to him that it was okay, and they weren't in a hurry, but in reality, Sungmin knew that they were frustrated because of him. If one of the member's couldn't make it, they couldn't film the video.

But the most annoying thing was that not ONE of the members said it to him. They never complained, even when Sungmin trampled on Leeteuk, who almost hit his head to the nearby mirror, no one got angry at him. They just laughed to Leeteuk who was a drama queen again and said that Sungmin was such an elephant that he'd have to get bandages to his hurt toes. But Sungmin knew that they were just trying to make him happier. Too, bad that when they would try to make him happier, he became even more miserable.

Now the male just sat on the dance floor, his face buried to his hands. Shit how was he gonna do this?! He had the corepgraphy drawed to a piece of paper, which Leeteuk had kindly done to him and STILL Sungmin was SOOOO out of it.

After sighing at least ten times, the male stood up with shaking legs and went to the cd-player to play the song once again. The beginning went on smoothly, but when he came to the big jump part, everything in his head went blank. He had no idea how it went, and to crush his spirit, even his leg gave in and he crashed to the floor.

"Ow shit!" Sungmin groaned and felt how pain jolted through his leg. Sweat drops fell from the tip of his nose to his hand when he rose up to sit and looked at his knee. It had a little bleeding wound on it and when Sungmin tried to touch it, he grimaced. Crap, now he surely Could not dance his part in any near future.

"Shit, shit SHIT!" Sungmin cursed and hit his knuckles to the dance floor. When he was about to hit the final blow, somebody's hand appeared from somewhere and stopped him. Sungmin startled and lifted his gaze to the familiar male beside him.

"Don't hurt yourself more, it won't help your dancing." Leeteuk smiled from beside Sungmin who ogled at the man. After a minute Sungmin ripped his arm free and stood up and hissing when pain hit his knee again. But his pride didn't let him to ask help from the man. He just walked over to the cd-player and picked Bonamana.

"What are you doing here? Go home, I want to practise in peace." Sungmin said, avoiding eye contact with Leeteuk.


No answer, the boy just waited for the music to start and ingnored the male beside him.


Still no answer. The song started and Sungmin started to dance. Pain shot through his wobling leg and the boy hissed when he had to land his weight on it.


Sungmin shouted in pain, when his leg gave in and he crashed to the floor once again. The pain was horrible, but nothing compared to the shame Sungmin felt when Leeteuk slowly sat on the ground beside him and started to feel around Sungmin's knee. The smaller male let out a hiss and crawled away from their leader.

"Don't TOUCH ME!" Sungmin yelled in anger and turned his face away from Leeteuk, who didn't flinch to the sudden tone change. He just stood up and started to walk towards the crawling Sungmin.

"I need to check your knee. Wether you want it or not." Leeteuk said, his voice soothing and bended over to check the bruising wound. Sungmin gritted his teeth in disagreement and stood up when Leeteuk started to feel around his knee once again.

"I'm FINE! How many times do I have to tell it to you?! Now, let me practise this in peace while you guys rest. We need to video this in the future and if I don't practise, how can I ever learn it?" Sungmin turned around and walked to get his towel from the side of the practise studio. He didn't look around and didn't notice how Leeteuk stood up from the ground and walked to him.

Sungmin flinched when his towel flew to the another end of the practise studio and Leeteuk stared at him, his eyes narrowed from anger.

"So, you think that we will just wait and have fun in some goddamn BAR while you are nearly killing yourself to overstraining?!" Leeteuk yelled and Sungmin froze. He looked to those furious eyes and lowered his gaze soon after.

"Why should you rot on your places while I can't dance some steps?! Go, have fun! Why would you stay here either, when you can't do anything for me?" Sungmin said, trying to get his cheerful tone back after starting to regret his shouting, but failed miserably. He felt how a lump of something was starting to form to his throat and it made his tone seem like someone was strangling him. Sungmin turned quickly around, trying to avoid Leeteuk's way too knowing eyes.


No answer. The younger male just stopped and tried to get himself together. The lump in his throat was  trying to get out and Sungmin felt how every place in his body seeked for comfort. His muscles ached and his desperation to learn the new dance moves was long gone. He was just tired to all this.

"Sungmin, it's okay. You can't learn the steps if you are hurt like this." Leeteuk said and Sungmin felt how his selfrestrain went out from the window. Warm saltwater dribbled from his eyes to his cheeks and down his chin. All the frustration seemed to get out in one big wave, when he just stood there and started to sob.

"God, I'm so tired..." Sungmin managed to say between his sobs while trying to dry his tears away. "This is all because of it." The male sobbed furiously and soon he collapsed to the floor (the third time.) Soon Leeteuk followed him and sat infront of him.

"Why are you even crying?" The older male smiled kindly and wiped away the tears. "You really should chill out more. What if you can't dance the dance steps? The we practise them and I literally mean we." The brunette laughed a bit to the expression on Sungmin's face. Soon the smaller male gulped a few times before answering.

"I...I'm sorry."

"From what?"

"From being a horrible dancer."

"I smell self-pity here."

Sungmin lifted his eyes to meet Leeteuk's and was greeted with a wide, toothy smile. Sungmin had to smile a bit too.

Damn, Leeteuk had amazing dimples.


It was half past five. Sungmin was once again in the practise studio, wrapping his knee to a bandage. Their practise did not start until seven o'clock, so the male was very surprised when he saw Leeteuk stomping to the ballroom. Sungmin stared at the humming man but said nothing.

"Well, more bonamana today, isn't that right? I'm going to teach you the hard moves, then we move to th easy ones. What parts you didn't get?" Leeteuk looked to Sungmin expectantly and the male stopped his bandage wrapping. He lifted his gaze to Leeteuk who was still standing here, smiling widely like a psychopath.

"Umm...what?" Sungmin asked, thinking he had heard wrong.

"I'm going to help you with this."

A silence.


"Sungmin, please?! Must I repeat it in some foreign languages so that you would understand?" Leeteuk laughed and walked to the cd player and picked a few cd:s from the little pile.

Sungmin just stared at Leeteuk. Then he cleared his throat, trying to keep his composure.

"You know, I can handle it all by myself. You don't have to bother yourself by something so..."

"Sungmin. Didn't I say it to you yesterday? When you are having troubles, then We help you to fix them." Leeteuk said calmly and put one of the  CDs to the player. Soon, the room was filled with the rhytmic notes of Don't Don. Sungmin was confused.

"I know this dance already. It's only  Bonamana that I can't handle." Sungmin said and stood up. Leeteuk just listened at the music.

"I know you know this dance. That's why I took this." The brunette said and started to move his body rythmically and soon Sungmin had to go with him. They danced with full concentration, until Leeteuk stopped and started to look at Sungmin. They boy got confused and stopped.

"The song is still playing, why aren't you dancing?" Sungmin asked, slightly out of breath.  Leeteuk just went, and pressed the replay-button.

"Dance it again." He said and turned around to face the younger male, a very serious expression on his gentle face. Sungmin looked at him for a moment before shrugging and turning around, getting ready to dance.

He felt how his legs moved confidently around and around. He knew the coreography better than his own pockets and he could even smile during his part. Soon he was panting and sweat covered his forehead, but he was still smiling like a crazy person. His legs felt light and his hand were moving like they had a will of their own.

The music stopped and Sungmin turned around, panting.

"Well?" He said and wiped his forehad with the sleeve of his shirt. Leeteuk's expression was very weird. He looked at Sungmin.

"You know, I have to teach you to dance."

There was a silence. The only sound was Sungmin's heavy breathing. Then the younger male laughed a bit.

"Was it that bad?"

Leeteuk looked to him and then he turned his gaze away and sighed.

"Do you want an honest answer?"

Sungmin was getting more and more scared when he looked at the older male's expression.

"Umm, no, but I don't have choices, do I?" Sungmin said and sat on the floor, but he was forced to stand up when Leeteuk pulled him up from his collar.

"Show me the moves before your solo." Leeteuk said and stopped in front of Sungmin. The boy just lifted his eyebrow questioningly and started to dance. He let his hips run freely while his solo's dance part and enjoyed how fluid the movement was. But soon Leeteuk stopped him.

"You know, it looks like have robot-joints in your hips and you had forgotten to oil them."

Okay, that hurt.

"Oh, I have never thought that..." Sungmin said, shame stinging his cheeks. Leeteuk sighed heavily.

"We have been so concentrated on coreographies in our last three songs, that you have forgotten the most important part, technique." Leeteuk said, frowning. "Your technique was from the best end of our group when we filmed Don't don, but now..." the brunette looked to the shocked male in front of him. "I'm sorry, but your dancing looks horrible."

Sungmin lowered his head and glenched his hands to fists.

"Are you ready to fix that? Are you ready to put your all to the basics?" Leeteuk asked, his voice stern. Sungmin was silent, the shock was still burning in his veins, but in it, the male could sense something else too:

It was morale.

Sungmin lifted his gaze and captured Leeteuk's eyes with his own.

"Damn, I really have screwed up, but I'm ready to fix it." Sungmin sighed and rubbed the back of his head and Leeteuk's face splitted to a wide grin.

"That's the spirit of Super Junior's member!" He said engouragingly and patted the smaller male's shoulder. Sungmin sighed and looked to Leeteuk.

"Where should we start?" The male looked how the brunette thought for a minute and went to the cd-player. The first tones of Don't Don filled the room with the powerful bass. Leeteuk turned around.

"We will start from your hips."

It took Sungmin a minute before he realised what their leader meant. Crap, now he really was SCREWED!

"Umm, how 'bout we practise the steps first...?" Sungmin stammered out from his mouth and backed away a few steps when Leeteuk started to walk closer and closer.

"You can't handle the steps if you don't know how to handle your hips." Leeteuk said calmly, grabbing Sungmin's shoulders and turning him around. Sungmin was still resisting.

"But, how about we...just do some....some basics before..."

Leeteuk didn't listen, he just kept the male firmly on his place. That's when the panic kicked in with Sungmin. The brunette was confused with the younger male's attitude.

"Sungmin, relax! I'm not going to crush your hips or nothing like that! I'm going to just touch them like this." Sungmin froze when Leeteuk said this and soon the warm hands were placed firmly on his lips. The younger male couldn't hold it back anymore.


Silence fell to the practise studio.

Sungmin had bammed his hand to his mouth after this very weird sound and Leeteuk just ogled at the man.

"Umm...This is a really sensitive guestion, but...was that just a moan?" Leeteuk asked, his expression very weird.

Sungmin was silent, still keeping his hand on his mouth. His face was burning. Ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit...He just wanted to ran to some dark hole and stay there for the rest of his life.

The silence just went on and on until the song ended. Then, for Sungmin's shock, Leeteuk chuckled.

"Thank god we are able to train you to ingnore that." The brunette just walked to the cd-player and pressed replay. Sungmin's breathing was still erratic from the shock.  Oh, shit he'd have to do it again.

Leeteuk came back and stopped behind Sungmin. He looked to the mirror and his eyes locked to Sungmin's shameful eyes.

Then he put put his hands back to the male's hips. Sungmin let out a shuddering breath, and his embarrassment only grew when Leeteuk did this again and again.

After a while Sungmin had had enough.

"Will you STOP IT??! Yeah, I let out weird sounds when somebody touches my hips, but could you please let it be already?!" Sungmin said and walked further away from the male and leaned to the wall. Leeteuk just looked to him.

"You will never get used to it if you don't experience it more often. And we need to practise." Sungmin was silent for a while, but when he heard Don't Don starting again he sighed. He didn't have choices didn't he?

He started to dance the first parts and felt how Leeteuk looked at him from far away. When he came to his solo part, those warm hands returned to his hips, and guided his moves with gentle, but firm hands. And Sungmin didn't actually feel anything...weird this time. After a while he just started to enjoy the dancing, instead of thinking about his embarrassing outburst. And (although he tried to ignore it as well as he could) he felt very close with Leeteuk, who was only inches far away from him. The warm hands on his hips increased this feeling and made the younger male feel himself very giddy.

But too soon the song ended. Leeteuk's hands disappeared  and he went to switch of the player. Sungmin just stayed there, trying to wake himself up. A thick mist seemed to cover his brain and his normal train of thought was in a VERY slow motion. But his spacing out was interrupted, when Leeteuk patted his shoulder.

"We need to train that a lot more, but it's enough for today. The others are coming already." The brunette waved to the another side of the practise studio, where Donghae, Kyuhyun, Shindong and the others were putting their drinking bottles. Heechul came towards them, smiling warmly to both of the males. Sungmin sighed and wiped the sweatdrops off from his forehead. He turned to Leeteuk.

"Are you going to practise Bonamana?"Sungmin asked tiredly and Leeteuk turned his gaze back to the small male.

"Yeah, but you can leave if you want. Your leg won't stand any jumping or running in the near future." Leeteuk grinned and crouched a bit to whisper to Sungmin's ear:

"And it would be a shame if your hips would be sore." Sungmin froze when Leeteuk said this and turned to look at the male, blushing like crazy.

"That..That...I...Please don't tell about that to any of the others?" Leeteuk laughed with his heartwarming voice and ruffled Sungmin's hair.

"Don't worry, I won't." He turned around and went to Heechul, who seemed a bit overly happy to see Leeteuk coming and talking to him. Sungmin ripped his eyes off the leader and tried to focus.

It's Leeteuk for god's sake, the same old Leeteuk. Why are you making a big deal from a few touches

Sungmin touched his hair a bit and blushed scarlet.

His hands are always warm.


"Oh COME ON PUSSIES! You can't be tired yet!" Eunhyuk yelled in front of the mirrorwall and looked at the panting males before him. Eunhyuk appeared to be a very carefree and funny person in public, but when they had their dancingpractise, he was like some dictator stright from the 19th century. Everyone just lied on the ground and breathed like their lungs were in fire. Siwon was the first one to talk:

"Please Eunhyuk! Let us even have  a little break before we continue!" All of them nodded in approval and Eunhyuk sighed.

"Sorry guys. I didn't realise that you were so tired already. Let's take a fifteen minute break." Everyone sighed in relief and started to scatter and fetch their drinking bottles. Sungmin sat on the side of the practise studio and looked at his friends with mixed feelings: Was a little bit hurting knee a reason to ditch dance practise? The male sighed and rubbed his forehead in frustration.

"You are already having wrinkles and you are only 24." A voice said somewhere and Sungmin flinched. He lifted his gaze to meet Kyuhyun's always-friendly face and smiled a bit.

"Oh no! SM will probably kick me out of Super Junior because of it." Both of the male's laughed and Kyuhyun sat beside Sungmin.

"I heard Leeteuk saying something that you have hurt your knee." Kyuhyun said and wiped his forehead with a white towel and Sungmin sighed.

"It's nothing serious, really. There is only a little scratch, but Leeteuk personally banned me from practising." Sungmin rolled his eyes and Kyuhyun chuckled.

"Yeah, he is a little bit overprotective when it's about us." Kyuhyun smiled and grabbed his drinkingbottle. Sungmin's mood fell from clouds to earth's surface in mere seconds.

Yeah, he is like that to everyone.

"Can I take a look at it?"

"...huh?" Sungmin was dragged out of his thoughts and Kyuhyun laughed a bit to the smaller male's dumbstruck expression.

"Your knee. Can I take a look at it?" Sungmin took a minute to register what Kyuhyun said.

"Ah! Sure." Sungmin rolled the hem of his trousers up, so  hat a huge scar on his knee was to be seen. Kyuhyun's eyebrows were mashed together.

"What the hell? How can a scar like this come from a dancefloor?!" Kyuhyun lifted his gaze back to Sungmin who just shrugged.

"I have no idea. It might have just abraded when I collided with the floor." Kyuhyun looked still shocked and just ogled at the smaller male who had to smile a bit.

"Come on Kyuhyun! You are forcing me to feel better with your shocked attitude!" Sungmin laughed and after a minute Kyuhyun laughed with him.

"Well, we got rid of your wrinkles, didn't we?" Kyuhyun said and ruffled Sungmin's hair. The smaller male groaned and tried to cover his head, but failed miserably. Kyuhyun smirked to him stood up and walked to Heechul, Hankyung and the others. Sungmin was now smiling happily and his mood had brightened considerably. This was exactly why Kyuhyun was his best friend.

"Is your knee hurting?"

"Sungmin lifted his beaming face to Leeteuk who had noticed Sungmin showing his knee to Kyuhyun. Now the smaller male smiled to their leader and shook his head.

"Nah, It's okay, it doesn't even hurt." Sungmin said and rolled the hem of his trousers down. Leeteuk was quiet for a minute before he started talking again.

"Can I see it?" Sungmin froze. Then he lifted his gaze back to the awaiting Leeteuk.

"Umm...You just saw it." Sungmin's eyes started to wander, when embarrassment hit him. His thoughts were making very weird scenarios.

What would it feel like to have those fingers on him...Touching him?

Sungmin shook his head, trying to clean his mind from these thoughts ans shifted his attention back to the situation at hand.

"I mean, there is nothing to see. Just a scar. That's it." Sungmin tries to sound convincing, but his self-control was faltering. But the most shocking thing was Leeteuk's expression:

It was purely hurt.

Sungmin didn't have the chance to say anything when somebody called him.

"Hey, Sungmin! Could go and get my towel and drinking bottle from the dressingroom? I forgot them." Eunhyuk shouted from the another side of the dance studio and Sungmin sighed.

"If you'd remember everything as well as you remember all of our coreographies, I would have you as my roommate." The small male said and Eunhyuk started to laugh.Sungmin grinned to him and started to walk towards the dressingrooms. He didn't hear how some of their group yelled after him.

Why was his expression so hurt by Sungmin's words?  It made Sungmin's heart hurt when he saw a person so strong could look so...weak...


Sungmin froze. He was now in front of the dressingroom and the voices he heard were...very...suspicious. Yeah, that would be the word. And Sungmin was a curious soul, so he had to take a peek.

When you opened the door and stepped inside, you could see many rows of empty lockers on the both sides. So, when you walked straight ahead, you would collide with a wall.

So, when Sungmin slightly opened the door, he had a straight visual contact to the opposite wall.

"Why not here? I want to use the opportunity, when you are like this....so...turned on, maybe?" Heechul was whispering to Hankyungs ear, and the male hissed in pleasure, when Heechul's warm lips touched softly the nape of his neck. Heechul was cornering the chinese male with his arms and Hankyung couldn't move (Not that he even wanted to)

"We are in the dressingroom, for god's sake! What if some of the others comes in?! And...I...I'm not turned on." Hankyung said, his voice wavering, and Heechul noticed that almost instantly.

"Oh, and why do I keep noticing you looking at me while dancing,  blushing like crazy...." Heechul was leaving wet kisses along Hankyung's pale neck."...panting..." The teasing male started to nip the skin. "...and avoiding eye contact after this?"

There was a huge silence and after a while Hankyung started to talk, trying to keep his composure.

"And, how do you then notice ME looking at YOU?!" Hankyung asked, with atriumphant voice, but Heechul just laughed.

"Because you are such a turn on, obviously." Heechul captured Hankyung's lips easily with his own, and the chinese male let out a huge moan, when Heechul's knee was pressed to his hardened member. Hankyung had grabbed the back of the slightly shorter male's neck and ushered him closer. The wet sounds of kisses were echoing in the empty room and Sungmin had seen enough.

The small male walked like a dreamwalker  back to the dance studio and sat to the bench, thinking of what he saw. He was kinda confused, but first of all, he was embarrassed that he had to see something like that. He didn't know what  was the most confusing part in it: The fact that he had seen two males at it, He had seen his friends at it, or that he had seen Heechul and Hankyung at it...(...or that he had seen Heechul being the seme....)

Sungmin just sat on the side of the dancing studio and avoided eyecontact with everyone else. He blushed scarlet when he realised that he was awfully aroused.

No, no, no....It couldn't be...He was aroused only because he hadn't had any sexual activities with anyone in long time and that only triggered the lust....Nothing to worry about...He was not gay.

"Did you bring them?"

Sungmin flinched and lifted his gaze to Eunhyuk, who looked confused, when Sungmin didn't have his stuff anywhere to be seen. Sungmin gulped and thought for a minute what to say, but decided to keep in the truth.

"Umm...well...the thing is that...ummm...some couple was in the dressingroom and I didn't want to disturb them..." Sungmin said, and scratched his neck, very uncomfortable with the subject. But he had to lift his gaze back to Eunhyuk who groaned.

"Good god! How many times I have to rip Heechul and Hankyung apart from each other?! It is like this every time we train together!" Eunhyuk turned around and stomped out of the dance studio, leaving Sungmin just ogling there. How did he....

...Everybody knew expect for me?!

Soon the door opened and Heechul and Hankyung practically ran inside, with amused and embarrassed expressions on their faces. Soon Eunhyuk followed after them, his face twisting from rage.

"You say that you are TIRED but no! There you are, sucking each others faces out! Seems like we need more and BETTER dancing!" Eunhyuk yelled and everybody laughed.

"You need to find a better place to hide next time." Leeteuk shouted from the another end of the dance studio and everybody laughed. Heechul grinned mischievously.

"Sorry, but it turns Hankyung on the best if we do it public place! So, no janitor's closets yet!" Sungmin saw how Hankyung stopped like he had hit a wall. Then, he turned around and his face was like a disco light, changing in every color imaginable.

"Heechul. I. Will. Kill. You. When. We. Get. Out. Of. Here." Hankyung said, his voice almost growling. Heechul scratched his neck nervously.


Everybody laughed, and Sungmin had to laugh with them. They really were like an old married couple when they acted like this. Eunhyuk ordered everybody back to their places and Sungmin relaxed a bit. They were still his friends and he would not develop any prejudices only because they were gay.

Bonamana started to play from the big speakers and the bass thumped in Sungmin's insides. Everybody were showing their best moves and soon Eunhyuk started to smile happily.

"Amazing! Now, only one minute to go, show me the best you can do!"

This was when Sungmin's attention diverted to Leeteuk, whose warm eyes were looking straight to him. Sungmin started to fidget on his place when their Leader's stare persisted and the small male had to look back. You could almost see the electricity flying between them and that is when Leeteuk actually started to dance. There was a little smile on his face when he moved his body with so light moves, that it almost looked like he didn't even touch the floor. But at the same time, when Sungmin's attention moved to the older male's body, he regretted it almost immediately.

Somebody elese maybe wouldn't have noticed how absolutely alluring Leeteuk's bare chest, and his swift hip movements looked like, but in the same state as Sungmin, all this was like some drug that flowed in his veins. The aroused state from before returned to Sungmin so powerfully that after he even realised it, he was panting. Leeteuk was getting even more and more into it and that was making Sungmin frustrated.

Sungmin thanked all the gods that he had ever heard of when the song ended and everybody clapped their hands excitedly.

"THE BEST DANCING EVER! GO SUPER JUNIOR!" Eunhyuk yelled and everybody laughed. Smile was painted on every face in there and even though they were sore and tired, they were excited that their practise had gone this well. The only one that wasn't as happy as the others was Sungmin. When everybody were congratulating each other, Sungmin walked out from the dance studio, trying to calm himself after Leeteuk's attack and to find some own peace.

"Shit." It was the only word that was in his mind when he got outside of the dancing studio, getting some fresh air. It was frustrating that everybody else were celebrating that they had gotten the dance go better than ever and Sungmin was just a watcher, who couldn't even do the basics right.

"God, this is ANNOYING!" The small male yelled and yelped when somebody got his head in a headlock.

"If you shout like that, you will wake the whole neighbourhood!" Sungmin gasped when he realised that it was Leeteuk who was grinning to him and keeping him in a headlock.

"Sorry...! Could you please let me go now?!" Leeteuk laughed to Sungmin's expression and released him.

"So, what makes you feel so agitated that you come here to shout`"

Sungmin was quiet for a long time. He was still having troubles with his arousal. Thank god he had balck pants, so it couldn't be seen from front. The small male sighed and lowered his gaze.

"I want to be part of the group. I don't want to be the wimp, who can't do a thing...!" Sungmin felt how a huge lump was building to his throat and he gulped furiously. But the small male forgot the lump in a second when Leeteuk had closed him in a warm embrace and petted his hair soothingly.

"I will be teaching you to handle the steps, so soon you can be one of the guys who celebrate out there.You should just chill out and rest your leg as long as it is sore." Sungmin felt how tears started to fall from his eyes and a little sob escaped from between his lips. He was starting to get more and more embarrassed.

"I'm sorry...I...I'm crying...t-to y-you again..." Sungmin said and tried to wipe his tears away but it didn't help at all. They just kept on falling. Leeteuk smiled gently.

"It's okay. You can cry to me anytime you want to."

After a while they decided that Sungmin looked presentable enough, that they could go back inside again. Sungmin had realised something while Leeteuk had comforted him:

He had fallen in love with their Leader without even actually noticing it.
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